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lyrics to Castle / Eminem

[Chorus: Liz Rodrigues]
I built this castle, now we are trapped on the throne
I'm sorry we're alone
I wrote my chapter, you'll turn the page when I'm gone
I hope you'll sing along, this is your song

[Interlude: Eminem]
I just want you to know that I ain't scared (hmmm)
Whatever it takes to raise you, I'm prepared
to do whatever (December 1st, 1995)
To do whatever (dear Hailie)

[Liz Rodrigues]
This is your song

You'll be comin out of mommy's stomach soon
I better do somethin quick if I'ma be able to support you
I can barely support me, but as long as you're healthy
That's all that matters for the time being, but obviously
Assuming you will be, just thinking ahead, I'ma make it if it kills me
Let's see how far I can take it with this music
I'm gettin sick of chasing this illusion
Sorry for sloppy writin, the pen in my hand is shakin, please excuse me
Dad's a little nervous, but at the same time excited
If I use this same energy while I'm sayin rhymes and write 'em
with the same passion and the same exact enthusiasm
as I'm using in this letter maybe they can feel me as I'm
trying to build these castles out of sand, baby girl
For you to sit on the throne, I got plans, baby girl
Welcome to Mom and Dad's crazy world
Love, Daddy; maple-flavored kisses, buttered pancakes and syrup (haha)


[Interlude: Eminem]
I just want you to know that I ain't scared (ahem)
Whatever it takes to raise you (aight let's see) I'm prepared
to do whatever (December 1st, 1996)
To do whatever (dear Hailie)

You got your Momma's personality, same eyes as I got
Her beautiful smile, but your ears are the same size as mine are
Sorry for that, lil' minor mishap
But you'll grow into 'em baby, I'm on the grind now
I'm doin little shows, open mics, all-nighters
at studios, while I'm tryna keep the lights on
Why does it seem like I'm so close to this dream, yet so far?
I just keep steerin, I'ma turn into someone
I haven't the slightest, clue what I'ma do if it falls through
You took your first steps today, you'll probably walk soon
My "Infinite" CD flopped, too many soft tunes
They're talkin bad about Dad, it's tickin me off too
Makes me feel like I don't belong or somethin, ooh
I think I might've just stumbled onto somethin, new
Got a prediction for the future, I'm hopin that you'll
open this envelope when you're older and it holds true


[Interlude: Eminem]
I just want you to know that I ain't scared (ahem, aight)
Whatever it takes to raise you, I'm prepared (see, December 24th)
to do whatever (2007)
To do whatever (dear Hailie)

Now if you found these letters, I guess I better try to explain
A lot's happened in between them, since I rised to this fame
I've said your name but always tried to hide your face
This game is crazy, I wanted to claim my love for you, but dang
I never knew it'd be like this, if I did I wouldn't have done it
You ain't asked for none of this shit, now you're bein punished?
Things that should've been private with me and your mother is public
I can't stomach, they can take this fame back, I don't want it!
I'll put out this last album then I'm done with it
100% finished, fed up with it, I'm hangin it up, FUCK IT!
Excuse the cursing, baby, but just know
that I'm a good person, though they portray me as cold
And if things should worsen, don't take this letter I wrote
as a goodbye note, cause your dad's at the end of his rope
I'm slidin down a slippery slope, anyways sweetie, I better go
I'm gettin sleepy; love, Dad - shit, I don't know

{*pours out pills, gulps, body hits the floor*}

Send "Castle" Ringtone to your Cell

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Eminem Castle lyrics

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