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Need Me

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lyrics to Need Me / Eminem

You're drunk, the carpet is burned
I hate to find you like this
I always find you like this
I come home, and clean up your mess
What would you do without that?
Why do I always come back?
Ohh, what I, wouldn't, do for you!

[Chorus 2X: P!nk]
And I'm startin to think that maybe you need me
Maybe you need me
Maybe you, need, me
Yeah, me

Some nights, I wanna run for the hills
It's never easy with you
I cannot reason with you
But your smile, as rare as it comes
{*Eminem sings along*}
What would I do without that?
Maybe that's why I come back
Ohh, what I, wouldn't, do for you!


Startin to think we were made for each other
But one of us in this relationship is raisin the other
You remind me of my mother, we drive one another crazy as each other
And we're both adults so there's no excuse for the games that we play with each other
Where you at? At a friend's? No you ain't, motherfucker!
But I give her the benefit of the doubt whenever the doubt kicks in, shiver
when I touch her cause I love her so much, I'm a sucker, our bottom lip can quiver
When she's in trouble she's in hot water, think I caught her cheatin again, give her
'nother chance, 'nother one after that, I'm swimmin in that Egyptian river
Cause I'm in denial/da Nile, say I don't eat shit, but I got a shit-eatin grin when I smile
Makin an excuse for us to act it out, she's just actin out, with her inner child
Then I set the truth on fire cause I'd rather believe a lie than to breathe a sigh
of relief, I don't believe in, goin to bed mad, I keep on tryin
to make a bad girl good, but haven't I stood by you in good times?
And bad? I'm startin to feel like your goddamn dad, cause I literally feel like you could die
of a "Should I, leave you for good?" so never would I
It'd be all bad, huh, never understood why they call it good-bye
But I think I'm a pretty damn good guy - and you're a good person too
I can save you, I can make you, change but I keep puttin my fuckin foot in my
mouth every time I gotta come and bail you out
When you get in trouble that you get yourself in amid trouble but I can't leave, I'd sell you out
I could never turn my fuckin back on you, what is that? I'm co-dependent
I'm just now noticin it, but somehow it's like every time I'm about to go to end it
I ain't got the cojones to do it, nor the heart, our apartment's tore apart
You're usin my heart for a dart board, but God must've aligned stars for us
Cause somebody paired us up, and they say He ain't capable of makin a mistake
But this one's perfect cause I'm


Send "Need Me" Ringtone to your Cell

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Eminem Need Me lyrics

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