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lyrics to Heat / Eminem

{"Wanna take it from the top?"}

Lady, you remind me of my raps on that "Relapse" shit
Cause you got an ass thick as them accents
Two asscheek implants, call that an ass-set
Cause you can set a glass on it, it's massive!
From the first time I saw you, I actually
said to myself, I gotta meet her/meter like a taxi
Exactly, love affair/a fare in the back seat
Sorry if I'm being graphic
But I'm stiff as a statue, you sat on a shelf
I feel like I'ma bust, maybe I'm just a-head of myself (haha)
Let me slow down, slow your Camaro
I'm tryna catch up, I'm tryna jump your bones to the marrow
Got me under your control and your spell
Wanna wrap you up, put you in a bow like an arrow
Grab you by the (meow) hope it's not a problem, in fact
About the only thing I agree on with Donald is that
So when I put this palm on your cat - don't snap
It's supposed to get grabbed, why you think they call it a snatch?
I just wanna climb in the sack
I'ma keep it a hundred, like my speedometer's at
I'm watchin you rap, I'm the dude followin back
about six cars, I'm in the 'lac, and I wanna (ah)

[Chorus: Eminem]
All day, all day all night
You ask, I'll stay the night
with you, you say you're on fire
Me too, you're burnin up, I want it
{"All day, all night"}
{"You feel, my he-heat"} Fire!
{"Feel, feel, feel, feel, feel... my heat"}

Hate to inconvenience you at the convenience store
But them jeans you wore, like I've never seen before
I pretend I work there, while I clean the floor
Checkin you out like the clerk, while he rings you up
Pull up behind you when you're leavin
You don't even know it (word, yo Rick, man!)
She's brushin her hair, adjustin her mirror
She's rappin my shit, but she wasn't aware
I was there, or maybe she was, and just didn't care
Who knows? Least that ain't up in the air
It's somethin to see - so like a chick who thinks her coochie don't stink
If she ain't plannin to do shit/douche it, this +Summer's Eve+
Maybe she wants to keep me company
But fuck the Pep Le Pew shit
"Ain't steppin to you bitch," I say to myself
Plus she's bumpin my music, ain't chasin no tail
Like a skunk in heat, I could sweat her, to some degree
But fuck it, I'm the male, let her come to me!
{"Repeat that again"} Let her/letter, come to, me, male/mail
Sweat her/sweater heat, some +Degree+, fail
Fuck it, pull up beside her {*horn honks*}
Sideswipe her Dodge Viper, wood is so bright
I asked if she wants a computer lodged in her vagina
Said my dick is an +Apple+, she said put it inside her/in cider!
I said


Black out, come to, hands covered in blood
Motherfuckin gloves and a shovel stuck in the mud
I just bodied the beat, so that hole must've been dug
Cause it just died/dyed like food coloring does
So let's get turnt, like a shish-kabob
Twist it ma, like an air-conditioning knob
We'd be great together, don't care if it takes forever
If I gotta wait, I guess it's better late than never
You felt my heat, rubbin off on ya
I love your personality, c'mon little mama
You're hot enough to melt Rick's beat, come jump in the water
I bet you get your-self-a-steam, from your per-sauna (haha)
With an ass to match, girl your
body is lit, you're striking, I'm a gas, girl you're
just gonna have to put them other chumps on the back burner
You got buns, I got Asperger's
Just let me rest my head between that set of D's
While I shred MC's, like cheddar cheese
It's just the thoroughbred in me, ain't a better breed
My dog thinks so too, look at my pet agree/+Pedigree+ {*arf*}
Ma, the world is what I think of you
I think you're divine/da vine so, I might swing on you
I'm just kiddin girl, I wouldn't lift a finger to
'less it's the middle one to finger you

[Chorus] - first 1/2

{"Feel, feel, feel, feel, feel... my heat"}

On the ones and twos, to three or four in the morning
Rick's on the cut like Neosporin {"What?"}
He's mixin it up for me and you're in
a teddy like short for Theodore and
We're outtie, five thousand

[Outro: sample from "Boogie Nights"]
"I wanna fuck, it's my big dick!
So everybody get ready fucking now!"

Send "Heat" Ringtone to your Cell

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Eminem Heat lyrics

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