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lyrics to Microwaves / Aha Gazelle

[Aha] See me and you we're really not that different. We both got one thing

[William] Really?... well apparently you know me way better than I know you

I know that look... I know the empty ring finger
and that obsessive nature of yours that's a big secret...
You don't risk everything you have to save someone
who doesn't wanna be saved unless you got something... anything... one thing
The reason normal people got wives and kids and hobbies, whatever...
It's because they don't have that one thing
that hits 'em that hard and that true
For me it's music... for you its whatever this is
The thing you that think about all the time
the thing that makes you south of normal...
yea it makes us great... it makes us the best...
All we miss out on is everything else
Ain't no woman waiting at home after work with a drink and a kiss...
that ain't gon happen for us

[William] Well that's why God made microwaves, right?

[Aha] Huh, yeah, microwaves...

Send "Microwaves" Ringtone to your Cell

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Aha Gazelle Microwaves lyrics

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