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Illegal Immigrants

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lyrics to Illegal Immigrants / Aha Gazelle

I'm black and I rap but I'm not hood
Why I used to wanna be is not understood
I used to read Tom Clancy and I speak very well
But I made a lot of friends 'cause I rap good
And I gotta checklist full of just do its
Love is an action just prove it
I know what you really think young Pat Stewart
Only love some people 'cause God said I should
I can do all things, why? 'Cause he said I could
Can't block me I walk around like I'm 7 foot
Crossover mean, I can leave a bad hand shook
When we win the game you gonna wanna hit rewind
You should put it Vine everybody wanna take a look
I made a 5 star meal with an easybake oven, now it seem everybody wanna try and cook
Didn't nobody wanna rep Lil Snupe, 'til he died, but, that's off the books
I'm scared to be great, 'cause, y'all just gonna hate and try and rob my people 'cause y'all all crooks
Pow one to the head now you know he dead let's put him on a t-shirt and go read his book
You don't see the grind you only see the shine you don't know what it took
I don't see the need in all the fake convo I'mma be like look

I don't want a discussion
No "hey friend", No "how you doing? ", No "where you been?"
Don't ask me about nothing
I wanna get everything that I have and the people I love and make sure we get outta country

Done a whole lot, no cosign
Free no charge we some messed up protons
Want the bake beans, coleslaw, and the fries
If you say no they diss you
I guess they playing both sides
Strangers inside a foreign land my brother, sister, mom, and dad
We used to pray every morning in a circle holding hands Thanking God for everything we had
So much, after Katrina hit we was stuck
Before Pleasant Grove and all this church stuff
I heard Dad downstairs praying for the members but I'm like "God is they praying for us?"
I know that that's childish
I know that I'm young and it's probably not clear
But all I am saying is momma just lost her sister and her daddy all in the same year
I'm sick of lying and I'm sick of trying
I'm sick of the crying, I'm tired of tears
I'm sick of dying and all of the violence
I just want to leave with Buzz Lightyear
To infinity and beyond
Where I only got gold color crayons
Where it don't make sense and there is no science
Where humans don't get shot down for flying
Everything down here is just temporary
Everybody say they wanna be legendary
Even Michael Jordan's gonna fade away
The iPhone you have used to be a Blackberry
We wasting time tryna shine under lights that are goin out
Ain't nothing else that we can talk about
You won't find me inside my old house

I don't want a discussion
No "hey friend", no "how ya doing? ", no "where ya been?"
Don't ask me bout nothing, no, no, no
I wanna get all the people I love and forget everything that I have just to get out the country

Send "Illegal Immigrants" Ringtone to your Cell

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Aha Gazelle Illegal Immigrants lyrics

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