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lyrics to Reality / Cupcakke

Alight yall so don't judge me cause I'm finna dope dealer this shit...

Sometime I feel like nobody's never here
Wondering should I love or wondering should I fear
I got a dream like Dr.King and Kendrick
Kendrick Lamar man the best nigga up in it
See I been homeless for some years no family would take us in
Bouncing through hella shelters wishing everything would end
Mama like Lord Jesus please just help us
But in reality he was the only one who helped us
I'm only 16 giving my pussy up already maybe cause I got a fucking deadbeat daddy
Some days I'm coming home with shit to eat
It's like everybody sitting on the bus but I ain't got a seat
I was a shampoo girl but my boss kept fucking with me
So I quit but now I wish I stayed and let her kept fucking with me
Cause it wasn't no income coming in Dad you a pastor
But not taking care of yo kids it's a fucking sin
Sometimes I want the fast money like a prostitute
But them diseases they don't come optional
I try to keep my secrets in like in a box or two
But I'm a leave fucking for money to a prostitute
Not to disappoint anybody but I hate school
Them bitches hate on me and thought that I was never cool
So I'm a keep cool cause I could get rude
But I'm a move on and try to keep my ass in school
See growing up as a teen nobody liked me
Cause I'm that pretty bitch so everybody wanna fight me
I asked a nigga like "can you get my hair done"
He said "when you let me fuck I could get yo hair done"
And I said "close the book that's the end" never will I ask again
A helpless ass nigga for a quick money loan to lend
But them the struggles I even tried to hustle
Playing tough without the muscle selling 8 balls into doubles
But they say it's nothing like coming home
So I came home and thought about my reality
I said I thought about my reality
One mo' time I said I thought about my reality
And wrote this song, PS

Send "Reality" Ringtone to your Cell

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Cupcakke Reality lyrics

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