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lyrics to Aye / Fetty Wap

17, we ain't playin', aye
15 car garage, aye
Shit still ain't enough, aye
Bank account got the most, aye
I saved bread from the start, aye
Show money for 15, aye
Now shit changed a lot, aye
Six houses 20 cars, aye
Seven hundred thousand on some jewelry
Now they know a nigga livin' large, aye
All of them push to starts, aye
Weed stank like a fart, aye
Red dot got a mark, aye
Let it fly, we're in the car, aye
Fake tough, he ain't hard
Aye, I was way smarter than niggas
Aye, I got way farther than niggas
Aye, I ain't play cards with these niggas
Aye, I ain't chill out, I ain't take numbers, I ain't play a part of these niggas
Aye, it was RGF, either win or lose but still sharkin' these niggas
Aye, Banshee Park on these niggas
Aye, I pull up parkin' these niggas
Aye, I was never friendly, it was never envy say "real recognize real"
Aye, I ain't sign for no deal
Aye, banked up a couple mill
Aye, me and 4k fo'real
Aye, pull up on ya big wheel
Aye, niggas eatin' big meals
Aye, all day big krill
Aye, 90 y'all burn to shit
Aye, that's a million dollar buildin'
Aye, I kept fuckin' up my pack
Aye, I ain't ever reach a million
Aye, 12 hunnit that's the block
Aye, Harlem World, that's the hood
Aye, Pill squad, party packs
Aye, young niggas eatin' good
Aye, fuck nigga try to go against me and now he's stuck for real
Aye, I guess he's stuck in Pyur hell
Aye, it was such a pure fail
Aye, tell that nigga farewell
Aye, pure white big scale
Aye, beige color, fish scale
Aye, I play my numbers real well (Wap)

...Mmmm, aye, baby

Yeah, holdin' up the island for a while (yeah)
Loyalty, no new friends allowed (yeah)
Baby I'm the king, see the crown (yeah)
Nigga when you see me take a bow (Zoovie)
And my jeans, that bought 50 thou' (yeah)
Told my mama I'ma make her proud (yeah)
Zoovie, zoo I smoke it by the pound (yeah)
Forty with the 30 for the round
Silent killer, I don't make a sound (shhh)
Niggas cannot turn me down (yeah)
I am the man in the town (yeah)
Hate me or love me, these niggas be bitin'
You know I'm the man with the sound (yeah)
Yeah, I guess it's really what they wanted (yeah)
It's go time and I'm on it (yeah)
It's all mines and I want it (yeah)
No thirst, just a warnin' (yeah)
Cash checks when I'm yawnin'
8th time platinum for a song
6th time platinum for a song
3 time platinum for a song
3 time platinum for the album (yeah)
RGF, welcome to the islands (yeah)
Zoogang and I'm the ZooGod (yeah)
Show me your frostbite
Show you what it cost like
Know I be workin' shawty (yeah)
Fuck out my business
Who is you kiddin'?
You is no kin to me (yeah)
Rollin' with the gang
Like sayin' we blessed and he's my enemy
Yeah, I am too hot now and I won't stop now
Ain't no endin' me, yeah

...Mmmm, aye, baby

Send "Aye" Ringtone to your Cell

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Fetty Wap Aye lyrics

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