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Way Out

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lyrics to Way Out / Merkules

Ever since a youngin I done dealt with this depression
Every body second guessin, never focused on my message
When I'm smokin in the session I ain't saying a word
This pain is absurd, it's on the brink of breaking my nerves
I'm blazing this herb, but it ain't really doin to much
I'm using too much, but I feel I don't do it enough
So who can I trust? I'm clueless so this booze is a must
I'm pukin up blood, trippin with my shoes in the mud
I used to have luck but now it's just a chip on my shoulder
Giving me closure, runnin down the hill from the boulders
Sick with pneumonia, lookin for a high I can chase
Finding my place, the sirens flyin by while I wake
They're eyeing my plate, but ain't nobody eatin my food
Cause he is the dude, my speech will leave your speakers abused
I'm deep in the mood, I'll leave 'em leakin, beaten and bruised
It's easy to lose, you're corny; probably fiendin for views

No matter what it's like the pain won't chill
Every time I try to change it's the same old deal
I gotta find my way out
I gotta find my way out

No matter what they still ain't gettin my point
I'm drinkin drivin this Lincoln while I'm twistin this joint
Almost every single day I'm livin like I got a death wish
Nothin you should mess with, I'm screamin it's a head trip
You can see the sweat drip, I'm fallin apart
This is life, it isn't right, this shit's no walk in the park
It's like they caught me and they threw me in that water with sharks
Cause they keep lookin past the fact that this is positive art
I'm not gonna start, nah, I'd rather reap what I sew
This anger is something I could never seem to control
It honestly makes me feel like all I got is this pen
I'm wobblin while I vomit up this bottle of hen
With all these fake motherfuckers tryin to call me their friend
I got some issues deep within me and they're not gonna mend
I'm lost in my head, my shirt's stained with blotches of red
I'm robbin your bread, til all my fuckin dogs gettin fed

No matter what it's like the pain won't chill
Every time I try to change it's the same old deal
I gotta find my way out
I gotta find my way out

Send "Way Out" Ringtone to your Cell

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Merkules Way Out lyrics

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