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Highskoo Interlude

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lyrics to Highskoo Interlude / Boogie

I'mma take it way back
Back when we was wearing Fubu jerseys with the wave cap
But when I went to high school, that's where I learned my ways out
When niggas started getting letters stiched up on the A's hat
They know that I won't ok that, cause nigga know I play that
If they ever get to dissin, we be askin' where the fade at
Where we stay at? At the mall, everyday when we was ditchin'
You ain't got no pen and paper
We know you ain't got no bitches
Nigga, you ain't got no bitches
My nigga, you ain't got no bitches
If you beefin', where yo girl? Shit, I know she with the business
I go flip it, you know how niggas did it
And plus, I'm immature so the whole school know I did it
Oh, shit, I shit, I'm such a west side nigga
If I neva met yo girl, then you blessed my nigga
Scrollin' thru my aim, tryna see who wanna kick it
Hit 'em all like I can get it, I ain't thirsty, I'm just wid it
I ain't thirsty, I'm just wid it
I ain't thirsty, I'm just wid it
Chillin with the homies, lookin' for the bitches
Hit 'em all like we can get it
I ain't thirsty, I'm just wid it
I ain't thirsty, I'm just wid it

Send "Highskoo Interlude" Ringtone to your Cell

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Boogie Highskoo Interlude lyrics

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