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Shawty Inda Bando
by J HUS

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lyrics to Shawty Inda Bando / J Hus

There's nothing I love more than a girl that's on her money

Oh, shawty inda bando
If you knew what we do for the money
She wanna grind with me, grind with me
Na na na na
Shawty inda bando
If you knew what we do for the money
She wanna grind with me, grind with me
Na na na na

Told my old girl I'mma be a star but she never listened
Now she's burning, cuz' I'm on the television
J Hus, Talk of the City
No, I can't look at her twice
Wait, look at her thighs
Na, my new girl badder
Plus she's a Hus like me, Hus like me
Ain't no man that she trust like me
And she be inda bando just like me
Grind hard, Hus be a fly guy
My new grub with my plug's doing guy-guy
Pick up your rasclart phone
What type of fuckery
I stepped out the smart car
Old shape Huaraches on
Smelling like the danka's piff
Shoutout my yardi don
J Hus boogie dance, when I get my party on
Ay yo, my yute, where you get your carti from


Lard, they don't wanna grind
I put tine on my wrist
I can't even tell the time, I need cream
Them man can't trust me
I'mma move like [?]
Cuz I got my shawty inda bando, shawty inda bando
She want ride with this nigga call me Django
I told her if you get stopped by the feds
Girl, you better plug the food between your legs
And show some respect
She said she's on my team
Even got a gold tooth like me
Want be my wifey
I told Hus, and we're killing them
Brown skin, sick weave, hair Brazilian
Trap queen and she's all mine
But fuck with her, she gon' hold nine
On the strip for the whole night
But when that bitch gimme uckie I tell her don't bite


Send "Shawty Inda Bando" Ringtone to your Cell

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J Hus Shawty Inda Bando lyrics

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