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Behind Curtain

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lyrics to Behind Curtain / Chronixx

Best friend a come fi take yo life
A the worst thing you could ever see
Teflon, how can a man weh you a par wid from ya born
Turn round be ya enemy

Wi no waan no friend from dem
Caz dem heart it full up a jealousy
A the Two a wi used to share a flass a rum
Now yo waan kill mi fi Hennessy

But how mi fi trust an mi na certain
Weh you a do behind curtain
Nuff a dem seh dem a yuh friend
When yuh check it out dem is a different person

Dem no waan see yo dribble like Berten
Dem waan you live yo life inna burden
How you fi seh mi a yo friend
When mi check it out you is a different person

Because nuff a dem waan si yuh head back shell out
Same way my likkle friend got sell out
No know how fi si the sergeant an lock dem mouth
Cyaa come inna mi quarters, Chronixx lock dem out
See it clear dem no with mi
But dem cyaa stop Selassie-I pickiny
Tho the road slippery me get the victory
Teflon fly over badmind quickly

Because dem evil, dutty heart badmind people
Watch everything that we do
Sit down an plan up fi kill you
Yeh a good thing seh mi know jah
Or mi would a be a fallen soldier
Mek mi tell you badmind cyaa get mi off a da road yah
So stop spend yo money pon obeah

[Repeat Chorus]

Dem would a waan mi charge fi murder
Accuse mi fi things weh mi never yet herd a
But mi naw play fi chop off the friendship
Before the linkage go no further
Some a dem will sell you out fi a burger
Waan paint yuh white tees inna red, dem a berger
Some a dem switch an go snitch
An waan yo get stitch
Mi haffi wonder if the bwoy dem a Sergent

Evil, dutty heart badmind people
Watch everything that we do
Sit down an plan up fi kill you
A good thing seh mi know Jah
Or mi would be a fallien soldier
Badmind cyaa get mi off a deh road yah
So stop spend yo money pon obeah

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Intro]

Send "Behind Curtain" Ringtone to your Cell

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Chronixx Behind Curtain lyrics

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