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Real One

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lyrics to Real One / Boogie

Oh man, yeah yeah, uh

Tripping when my phone ring, called her from my old thing
Told me how she butt dialed, she don't want to know me
Oh she, said she left me cause I kept her low key
Never posted pictures of us, said nobody know
Oh, she lucky she had a real one
She lucky she had a real one
All I'm saying I need some permanent, it ain't no temps here
You raise the temp here, feel like I need a vent here
Shit yeah, got this spot in the hills and you ain't been here
And then you text me and tell me it's bitches in here
Shit yeah

I'm not able, to have you pressin' my line
I say all the time, you ungrateful
You all on my line, I say all the time
She lucky she had a real one
She lucky she had a real one

Tripping off my old thing, look at what these hoes bring
How they got me tied up, told 'em it be no strings
Or she, probably got some nigga on the phone screen
Blowing niggas kissy faces, brody came and showed me
Oh I bet that he ain't a real one, but shit you know that
Crushing on you on Wednesday and Thursday you was my throwback
Wish I could magnify your intentions
You hit the gym not for fitness, you posting pics for attention, whoa whoa
If you could be honest and show me the real you
I'm saying, if I put my foot down I think could heal you
Quit playing, a boost in my salary, glitch your reality
Focused on mine, I can't let you rattle me, I'm saying

I'm not able, to have you pressin my line
I say all the time, you ungrateful
You all on my line and I say all the time
Lucky you had a real one

Send "Real One" Ringtone to your Cell

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Boogie Real One lyrics

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