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Cold Piece Of Work (original)

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lyrics to Cold Piece Of Work (original) / Tech N9ne

[Intro: JL]
They treat my bid'ness like it's soda
Or my music like a Perc
They know my flow is the yola
That's a cold piece of work

That's dope nigga, what you call a buzz once you caught a buzz
I'll make you feel like you was on all the drugs
All the drugs, drugs, I got all the plugs
A-a-all this was to satisfy the customers
It'll hit you different dependin on what we pay you
Pop it then the check the purity side effects of it fatal
Now you know that when you blow niggaz wanna know what they pay you
Fo sho'; n-n-noses in my bid'ness like it yayo!
Whippin like it's crack and can't relax, it's like we drug dealers
Or sit in psyche a sack, I'm servin sinkin this and sink with nerves
Hook 'em like it's smack is what they slappin when they get the urge
Keep 'em comin back, we push these packages to listeners

[Chorus: JL]
They treat my bid'ness like it's soda
Or my music like a Perc
They know my flow is the yola
That's a cold piece of work
That's dope nigga, that's dope nigga
That's dope nigga, that's dope nigga, that's dope!
They know my flow is the yola
That's a cold piece of work

[Krizz Kaliko]
I'll probably get it in a minute (OK)
And I'll be benefitted when I finish (OK)
Ain't been timid about a meal ticket, I will kick it
32 diamonds, I'm all up in the dentist (uhh!)
I'm Donald Trump, I grab the world by the crotch and kiss 'em
Make her bow down and now she's addicted to Krizz and
How you feel now? She let Kali Baby come drill now
Only use you to pay the bills now (yay-yeah!)
They can roll me up and smoke me like some cheeba
My pen'll penetrate the air like it's some type of reefer
Pinnacle, I ain't there but I'm 'bout to achieve a
planet status, but I'm askin can I bust sativa?
Kali, Baby


[Tech N9ne]
T9X is what they sniffin when Tech Nina get to spittin
My position is give 'em a hell of a addiction
On these scripts and they be itchin, for the good dope that I be dishin
out for the listenin, that's why I'm constantly cookin off in the kitchen (cheah!)
Nigga I'm Mr. Molly, when Nina's shit hits her body
It takes her and gets her naughty, fella mixed it with liquor prolly
She'll love you and lick your lolly, takin me is her hobby
She flippin through my discography nigga; then she swallow me nigga!
Buss serves on them bitches steady searchin for the sickness
If you want it Nina zonin with the quickness
Shit is real not ficticious, all the wishes for the bomb, you can get it
from the Don P, I'll daze you like a whippit, nigga I'm addictive~!


Send "Cold Piece Of Work (original)" Ringtone to your Cell

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Tech N9ne Cold Piece Of Work (original) lyrics

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