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Brand New Hunnids

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lyrics to Brand New Hunnids / Tech N9ne

[Intro: Jeff James]
Ay, ay
I'ma keep it real like a brand new hunnid
Ay, 'bout that life, I ain't never ran from it
Ay, e'rywhere I go try and get to the money
Ay, e'rywhere I go try and get to the money

I've been feelin like Pablo in the Wells Fargo
I ain't here to talk about a car loan
Pockets of my cargo shorts full of money
And a duffel bag stuffed full, hard to keep the zipper on the top closed
You can barely pay your car note
Why you mad at me because your credit score low?
I done gone broke but I bounced back, leanin on the counter
while she look at my account, "Can I have a lollipop?"
Don't run the game flirtin with the bank teller
I can tell she thinkin I'm a cocaine dealer
I got cash cause I rap, I don't trap
I was hurtin when I didn't have money, now the paper like a painkiller
The internet say I'm worth four mil'
It used to be a way worse ordeal
No more dollar menu orders, eatin four-course meals
Thought I was a winner, look at what the scoreboard said
Forrest Gump with the ends on the cat runnin
On the way to make a milli, you can bet on me
You sittin still like a crash test dummy like you got a check comin
Tryna flash, you ain't got Tech money
You ain't ever live lavish, tryna be Travis
You ain't even built like that
You been livin in a fantasy knowin that you can't achieve
I'ma tell you real life fast, keep it real like, that
Yeah, Rittz, bitch

[Chorus: Jeff James]
I'ma keep it real like a brand new hunnid
Ay, 'bout that life, I ain't never ran from it
Ay, e'rywhere I go try and get to the money
Ay, ay, e'rywhere I go try and get to the money
Ay, I'ma keep it real like a brand new hunnid
Ay, 'bout that life, I ain't never ran from it
Ay, e'rywhere I go try and get to the money
Ay, e'rywhere I go try and get to the money

[Tech N9ne]
Get some big ones
Shit comes, quick son, ditch 'em
Cause they gonna get to beggin from the rich one
for the money for tummy, booty and they tits done
Cross yo' neck with a razor
For the fetty when they see you livin major
How they comin for money your job paid ya
when not even one of them did a little bit of labor
With them brand new hunnids, damn you done it
Not a way somebody can ever ban you from it
How can you stomach
the poverty? I hit the lottery so when you go in the pile can you plummet
Damn you stuntin
On the land when you expand the grands they gonna stand who run it
And the jam you brung it (cha!)
Comin from all the fans the Kansas City man do gun it (cha!)
Take all the paper, don't let the paper take ya
Big money maker you're gonna wait to vapors
From all the haters they wanna waste ya
Like a trip when they hit a gallon of Jger
Off with the money is why they shoot ya
Cause they jealous they makin the shotty juice ya
I ain't slippin or givin nobody boosters
I keep the brim a hunnid cause Tech is a crowded poosta
Nigga, ay, hahaha


Like a brand new hunnid dollar bill
When they put the light to me they will know that I'm real
I'ma get to the money but I give 'em what they can build
And I rock at the rigorous on the go without a chill
We two up, it's too much money to be made
Too much money for me to ever be a slave
Too much money for me to not wanna get out of the bed and go get it
Somebody already gettin paid
It don't matter if you rappin or thuggin, be stackin or pluggin
It's either you are slackin or pumpin, I bet that you want it
They give in if you huff at the oven and you wrappin a couple of 'em
Movin two by four like Jim Duggan, you buggin
If you don't got a lucrative hustle
Lookin for loot producin part of productive cause you
gotta be tough and plus you gotta do what you must do
Throw it when you win, they will son the rustle
But I see hawks when I see these thot tonight read thoughts
Let 'em +Wonder+ 'bout the bread
He financially flaunts cause he know what she wants
Let alone fucks, I give 'em the photo cred
Even though I do collect the dough I haven't changed yet
Never quit, never sit waitin for a paycheck to the paid jet
Then get lifted like a weight set
With a loud pack hit a +Chronic+ like a Dre set
J high? That's a safe bet, ay


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Tech N9ne Brand New Hunnids lyrics

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