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Dirty Diana

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lyrics to Dirty Diana / Dj Luke Nasty

She dancing Dirty Diana...

[Verse 1: DJ Luke Nasty]
She dancing Dirty Diana, I gotta hold up a Santa
All my niggas gorillas, so she gon' suck my banana
Yes, she gon' suck my banana, she wanna do it on camera
I got a whole lot of questions, she got a whole lot of answers
I get a whole lot of money, I know a whole lot of trappers
All of my niggas be stunting, all of my niggas be dabbing
All of my bitches the baddest, all of their asses the fattest
I might just pull up in honors, I might just pull up in mansions
I might pul up in a truck, I got that lean in my cup
She might have came her with you, I know she living with us
I know a friend wanna fuck, I got them both on the purple
I got them both on the pole, and she ain't got on no clothes

She dancing Dirty Diana...

She dancing Dirty Diana, slow it down like dirty Fanta
Baby, come peel my banana, I'm holding that ass for ransom
Look at the way that you dancing, I'mma just [?] your fashion
Baby, let me put you on game, grabbing on my chain
Beat it out the frame, that's an easy exchange
Girl, you already know I go three times in a row
Love you on the counter [?] and on the floor
Girl, keep popping that ass, I got a whole lot of cash
Baby, you going too fast, you see me blowing these racks
Diana, Diana, look what you did, baby
I want it, I want it, you got me going crazy
A cup of that Hennessy, [?] baby

She dancing Dirty Diana...

[?] my diamonds be dancing
You hold that little pussy for ransom
I call them [?] no second chances
'Cause [?] ain't really got no manners
Put [?] all on the coupe
Jumpman, you know that I shoot
Balling, I'm balling a hoop
I'm playing these hoes like a flute
Cats got them [?] she know that I am the man
VVS all on my neck and it's cool
I turn her ass to a fast coupe
I get that [?] and you know it
She got that ass and she show it
Asking can I really afford it
Bitch, you looking at the Forbes list
Dirty Diana, she moving slow mo' like she on dirty Fanta
I know that ass fat, and I know that ass fake, but it come from Atlanta
Had to go upping my standards
Now she only speaking Spanish
She threw it back knowing I'mma catch it
Call it that Dirty Diana

She dancing Dirty Diana...

Send "Dirty Diana" Ringtone to your Cell

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Dj Luke Nasty Dirty Diana lyrics

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