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Back & Forth

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lyrics to Back & Forth / Lil' Keke

Listen to this track bitch...

[Lil' Keke]
Texas fly city slick, hustle hard and get it quick
The leather soft the plane is thick, the rips cost me a half a brick
Stop with all that kiddie shit, I'm chasing fame and flying planes
Pushing through them turning lanes, hit the switch and blow the brains
Back and forth and up and down, in and out another town
If it's kush we want the pound, if it ain't then move around
Haters know I'm loving hustling, thugging for the money boy
Hit the strip and circle back, I'm playing in my favorite toy
Uh I'm on mayn, uh I'm grown mayn
Miss me with them bone games, slip and say the wrong thang
Run this town I love it brah, what you think we hustle for
It's M-O-B I'm trying to fuck, so sucker why you cuffing her

Back and forth and round and round, on them planes up and down
And them streets is flaming hot, guess who bout to run the town
Uh I'm on mayn, uh I'm grown mayn
Let them haters do they thang, now they in the wrong lane
Uh back and-back and forth, and round and round
Uh back and-back and forth, up and down
Uh I'm back forth, and round and round
Now them streets is flaming hot, guess who bout to run the town

[Lil' Keke]
Back and forth making mail, make a step in ATL
Drama Boy he do it well, they gon' need a bigger scale
Catch me on that paper trail, catch me on that money run
Coupe cost me a hundred bonds, I'm flipping with that tommy gun
In and out and round we go, prices flying out the do'
Size shoe a 24, up and down but never slow
Get it cheap and let it go, if they purchase ten or mo'
Adjust the nob and turn it up, then calculate the cash flow
Uh I'm on mayne, uh I'm grown mayn
Boy you in the wrong lane, flaming like some propane
Times holding interstate, trust me dog this heavy weight
We can get it anywhere, as long as the paper straight


Send "Back & Forth" Ringtone to your Cell

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Lil' Keke Back & Forth lyrics

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