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The Call
by 311

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lyrics to The Call / 311

We could say it's just how it is
and how it always will be
and believe things will never change
as far as we can see
it's a disaster and it doesn't matter
well I disagree
a ray of hope remains if we take the reins we'll arrive eventually

Keep all the lights on in the streets of Babylon
then we'll just dig for some more
pull back the curtain cuz one things for certain
action speaks louder than war

Look around there's no time left to stall
(you've got to) stand up while you can don't miss the call

Hold on here we go
where we stop nobody knows
breath and count to five
live while you're still alive
right before your eyes
your best laid plan up and dies
cleverly disguised
the bounty materialized

Now we're moving fast
we're picking up on speed
we got the energy
creating fast
as we tunnel deep
& no time to think
here we just react
to the things
we need
hold on to your world

Look around there's no time left to stall
(you've got to) stand up while you can don't miss the call

To live just in your mind
is some kind of crime
stuck in your station
in isolation
never too late for beginning
to set your captive free

Tonight the moment has arrived
to live while we're still alive

(wake up and) look around there's no time left to stall
(you've got to) stand up while you can don't miss the call
(it's time to) end the debate don't hesitate this time
(c'mon on and) take a stance don't miss your chance
to stand up right now!

Send "The Call" Ringtone to your Cell

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311 The Call lyrics

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