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by LIL' O

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lyrics to Change / Lil' O

S fucking U-C

Yeah, man motherfuck the fame
If I go broke, I got no one to blame
I want the change, change
So they could say I changed, changed
For real, I want the change

[Lil' O]
I started getting money, once I realized
Boys'll sell you dreams, hoes'll tell you lies
You give a fuck bout what they think, man you'll never rise
When people tell me boys is hating on me, I say I ain't surprised
But I ain't really friendly nigga
I come up out these streets, I know bout greed and envy nigga
When I was broke, I ain't have no one to lend me nigga
So if you don't fuck with me, I swear it don't offend me nigga
See a king, must learn to be alone
Y'all call it high capping, I call it being grown
Why give a fuc,k bout all that being like them being on
When my money come in two's, like I'm seeing clones


[Lil' O]
My mama raised me right, so I open do's
But never think I give a fuck, about these roaching hoes
You might see me pull up front the club, I'm poking fo's
Yeah I'm a player, but that don't mean you can start coaching O
See I already know the game baby
All that bullshit you talking, sound lame baby
You think, cause you got a coke bottle frame baby
I'ma be out here, tricking on you dames baby
She looked me in my eyes, told me O times is hard
I looked her dead in her face, and told her get a job
Before I let these gold diggers, treat me like a trick
I shake and move on they ass, Michael Vick


[Lil' O]
Boys always saying, O keep it real
I ask em back, that depend your definition of real
All I'm gon' promise you, is I'ma keep my steel
And try to stay up out the way, and always keep a mill
I grind hard, and pray harder
I tell these broads that are thirsty, go and drink water
I tell these boys that be roaching, I ain't got dollars
Ain't a hustle on the earth, that I have not thought of
I scrape the plate, and lick the bowl
I hear voices, saying shake and bake pick and roll
See life is kinda like your bitch, it's all on me
And daddy say if I fall, don't call on me


South-motherfucking-West, whoa

Send "Change" Ringtone to your Cell

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Lil' O Change lyrics

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