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This Money Crazy

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lyrics to This Money Crazy / Lil' Keke

Alright three million, I counted it twice
Two point five, two point five I'm sure
I'm calling it three, then we are half a million off huh
Well fuck it, I'm not counting it again
Wait, if it's sixty pounds it's three million
Fifty's two point five, I don't give a shit close enough
Where do I put it, uuuh try the back bedroom (7-13)

This money crazy, I'm losing my mind
This money crazy, I'm losing my mind
This money crazy, I'm losing my mind
Pulling bitches getting paper, at the same damn time
Get back on your hustle, and act a fool with it
Get back on your hustle, and act a fool with it
Get back on your hustle, and act a fool with it
Show a band blow a band, shit like that I'm cool with it

[Lil' Keke]
Texas in the bitch, now what your sack about
We boss up on that shit, and just go cash it out
Now I been burning loud, I feel like passing out
If you ain't with the team, you just ass out
First one in the building, and the last out
Them haters on my dick, I take the trash out
If he ain't running fast, he get tagged out
I park the hard top, and pull the rag out
Cook it and cut a gram, love me for who I am
Running with real niggaz, who really don't give a damn
Ay God forgive me, we just want this plug money
All my life, I hustled for this thug money what
Throw that feddy high, that's if you feel good
I never left my hustle, cause I'm still hood
It's Don Ke, I show them hoes the fast life
Thinking bout this paper, get my cash right


[Big Pokey]
It's simple I'm bout tempo, I be moving at a fast pace
If you ain't getting to the paper, you in last place
I hustle hard for this money, I get mad cake
See the boss about his bid'ness, keep the bag straight
Trash bags for the bread, cause I'm coming for money
They say them jackers hit the trap, they get none of the money
If they looking for the key, I'm up under the money
They say them niggaz make it rain, I'm so numb to the money
Cake cash guap' scrilla, gotta have it homie
Stunt playing pop a round, another rack-a-roni
Sensei Montana, they named me after Tony
Now I'm married to the money, holy matrimony


Send "This Money Crazy" Ringtone to your Cell

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Lil' Keke This Money Crazy lyrics

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