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It Didn't Matter

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lyrics to It Didn't Matter / Lil' Keke

You gotta do it yourself, yeah
You gotta do it homie, do it yourself
You gotta do it, yeah nigga do it yourself
If you wanna get it did homie, do it yourself

[Lil' Keke]
Just cause we come up from the bottom, that didn't matter to me
I'm just a hard headed nigga, I'm so blessed to be free
You know the streets forever hungry, they can eat you alive
My big homie did eight flat, then came home and died
You got some niggaz here stuck in the past, can't last
Steady creeping with his pistol and mask, he's finna crash
Yeah my partna made parol today
Fuck what we done he back home, and he came here to stay
Dear Lord, does it matter I been thugging for life
Do I deserve this picket fence, with the kids and wife
I told myself the view look better from the top of the hill
Plus I'm a hundred, still hustling out here getting it for real
But watch your step and just be careful, life'll change on ya yeah
If you slip it happen quick, and leave a stain on ya
I maintain on em, cause quiet is kept
It don't matter, we just love it to death

When everything was looking bad on the corner, and it wasn't so good
It didn't matter we kept repping the hood, it's understood
If I lost all I had, and the hate didn't stop
It don't matter, I still rep my block
I told my homies when the laws had us running, steady ducking the heat
It didn't matter, we just stuck to the street
We use to ride and we'd grind all night, didn't get no bigger
It didn't matter, I still love my nigga

[Lil' Keke]
I told my brother we can hustle, till the casket close
From this rat infested gutter, till our sold out shows
And I suppose on the real it didn't matter to me, that's how it be
God bless em if they looking for free
I'm just a G, oh yeah my trill nigga love my dog
That's if it's twenty thousand square feet, or a hole in the wall
I got your back it just don't matter, we was raised like that
That's if they lock us up in white, or try to pay us in black
Just look for Don Ke to stand up, and speak that trill
Quit riding dick and get your chick, or she might get it for real
It's 7-13, coming on the front of the bus
We still together motherfucker, it didn't matter to us
I got my mind right, then closed up the rest of the scene
I told Dash we can get it, with a fresh new team I see the dream
Jabar I got us bro, I'm bringing it home
This for Poochie, Big Pokey and my kin folk Tone


You gotta do it yourself, yeah
You gotta do it homie, do it yourself
You gotta do it, yeah nigga do it yourself
If you wanna get it did homie, do it yourself

Send "It Didn't Matter" Ringtone to your Cell

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Lil' Keke It Didn't Matter lyrics

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