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March 20th, 2014

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lyrics to March 20th, 2014 / Alfred Banks

Verse 1:

Everything was going super smooth
Felt like there was nothing that I could lose
Had some shows getting press I'm the man up in here
Until moms called me with some news that ruined my year
Hey mama what's up with ya? Wait why you crying
What's wrong? Orlandas dead nah you lying
Don't tell me that I talked to em just a few days ago
No man, Not my brother no no...

Chorus: Carry on x5

Verse 2 Please tell me you making this up man please
What you mean you killed himself from drinking antifreeze
Found an abandoned building so nobody would surround em
He just died, because he was warm when they found em
No, no man this can't be happening now
I was supposed to help him restart all his rapping shit now
Man What the Fuck he just came back in our lives
And I will not believe my big brother went out from suicide/ (echo)
Was it the schizophrenia that he suffered from
Was it that mental pain he was running from
He told me he was suffering everyday
He wrote a letter before he died, well what did it say?
I need know every detail that my brother was thinking
He wasn't in his right mind because he was always drinking
So Stay strong mom this process we gotta see it thru
I'll break the news to the family if you need me to

(Bridge: Phone call)
Yo James?
yea, whats up?
Yo Orlandas Dead
I know, I know, he's fucking gone man
Dog you lying
He's Gone


Verse 3

why you had to go
Why you had leave
U didn't even say goodbye
I guess I'll see you in my dreams/ x 2

I got these tears in my eyes
Because my big brother gone
All this pain that I'm feeling
Gonna make it hard to carry on/ x 4

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Alfred Banks March 20th, 2014 lyrics

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