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Barely Human
by ROYCE DA 5'9"

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lyrics to Barely Human / Royce Da 5'9"

[Intro: Krizz Kaliko]
Oh hey ya...
Oh hey ya...
Ayy, ayy
I'm barely, human
Just stroke my ego
Call me your hero
I'm damned to be this good
I'm barely human

[Tech N9ne]
Cold heart
Sinister sickin ya so-so art
If ya seekin a beatin, I can treat and give heapings
Make your 'fro blow 'part before yo' flow starts
Wanna be choppin, I'm knockin 'em all in coffins
And I'm stoppin ya slow go-kart when I go Mozart
Intricate, never vintage in my sentences
I'm gonna make a bro go shart
Look at me, I'm gonna favor the Yeti but with a machete
You better be ready, you in the medi of a killin, I'm deadly when I shred these
Somebody check my head please, I'm edgy, and I'm steady
givin hella lovin and I thank you to my niggaz who led me to the red B
Barely human, rarely you in the midst of some scary ruins
until you try to swipe my independence, Harry Truman
The Nina, the Nickel, we comin very soon and
Buildin the wack rapper cemetery to bury you in

[Chorus: Krizz Kaliko]
Just stroke my ego
Call me your hero
I'm damned to be this good
I'm barely human
You stroked my ego!
Now I'm your hero
I'm damned to be this good
I'm barely human

[Royce Da 5'9"]
King Nickel, Lee Majors
Spendin old money, the cake's stale
I beam triple, like three lasers
on three pistols, on a weight scale
It seem simple, I'm pro-meth, I'm pro-magazine, this literature unfold half
Your team lean with you, and I'm a nomad
Roamin the industry killin MC's pencils
Makin 'em re-think what they write and I might end up at yo' pad
I'm gettin dome in my kingdom where I promise it'll be no crownin
(I promise) The flow harder than Medusa postpartum
The father of the child's coast guardin
Post-drownin; I'm gettin money my nigga
It's funny that nobody thought of you, and if it really is true that the music
induce it to life then my future will sound like AutoTune
Bad grammar and all y'all'll be fuckin up (no commas) for you to compare me to 'em
He would have to be out of his mind, if he barely human


Send "Barely Human" Ringtone to your Cell

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Royce Da 5'9" Barely Human lyrics

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