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Swoop Da Ride

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lyrics to Swoop Da Ride / Flow Click

Yeah (Yeah)
PAC Records (In ya face)
For that ass

(Verse 1)
They say that
Game recognize game, but you don't look familiar (Uh uh)
And I know I, roll by, rappers by the millions
Many claim to be the best up in this hip hop game
Untouchable, ruthless
And insane
I maintain my disposition on the mission for the cheese
Fuck who you killin'
And that paper you makin' with ease
I serve rappers by the two point point
On brew
When I roll through, it's funny how the streets don't even know you
Don't ever try to be someone you ain't (Uh uh)
You think I do
Your ass will fuck around and end up outlined in paint
You see, some of these cats
Is really ill, and it will
Snatch a homie up
Quick, it be like, "Fuck a record deal"
I don't pack steel unless I absolutely have to (If I have to)
Blast you
Fuckin' with my family like a damn fool
I ain't a killer, but I will protect mine
With a deuce-deuce, four-four, or a tech nine

Chorus: T-Swoop
Ride or die, I'm
Super fly, chips
Multiply (T-Swoop the rider)
Low-low glider
Shakin' hotter
Do or die (T-Swoop the rider)

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
The Mexicanos be sayin' I'm actin' black (What)
But blacks say
I'm too much of an ese (What the fuck, holmes)
Ain't that a bitch, all I'm tryin' to do is rhyme (Uh)
When you hit me with these motherfuckin' thick ass color lines (Well)
Well, I guess I can't please everybody
So Lodi Dodi (Lodi Dodi)
Dodi dodi (Dodi dodi)
No matter what you say, where you from, how you act, what you do
There's always gonna be some busters out there hatin' you
Went from third string to first string
Who would of thunk it
Bombin' on busters from the back field like Jimmy Plunkett
Street hustle make the world go around (That's right)
So keep it movin'
I roll low profile, sixty-four cruisin'
I'm scoopin' up honies by the dozen
With a bad bitch, sittin' shotgun buzzin' (What's up)
Starin' down my pants, imaginate come crece
Tu y yo, nena, que te parece

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 3)
Don't you know the Streets Is Watching, you can ask Jay-Z
2002 model, fuck you, pay me (Pay me)
See, I try to fly straight, pero te digo, no lo puedo (Uh uh)
And let these motherfuckers have me wrapped around a dedo (Fuck a label)
Fuck a label cause we bringin' street money to the table, what
You bling-blingin', think I really give a fuck (Uh uh)
See, you stuck, plucked and clucked
Play and they will look
All because you wanted twenty inches on your truck
But now there's twenty-two's and twenty-three's (Twenty-three's)
Where you be
I'm with the O.G., rollin' gold D's
With that next level shit
That run-and-rebel shit
PAC Records, Swooper Man, Bobby Bout It, Flow Click
Roll thick on a regular basis
Goin' places
Recognize the game and
Recognize the faces (Uh)
No, I don't think I'm better than you (Uh uh)
Ok, I do
But that don't mean I won't keep my music game true

Repeat Chorus Twice

Send "Swoop Da Ride" Ringtone to your Cell

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Flow Click Swoop Da Ride lyrics

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