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Ghetto Senorita

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lyrics to Ghetto Senorita / Flow Click

TNT collabo
Uh-oh, oh
Uh-oh, oh

Intro: Tavares
So you say
You saw me at the club
And I was sippin' on some Henne'
With a little girl
And she was lookin' real pretty
Shakin' her hips
Flossin' the tig-ol'-bitties
Take it with that, with me and my

[Main Verse: Tavares (T-Swoop in background)]
Thug niggas
Throw your set
To all my, thug bitches
Keep it wet
There's a whole bunch of niggas that's sitting here tossin'
Fifties (Tossin' fifties, baby)
And when I take it to the car
Girl, it's sittin' on twenties (I'll put you on dubs)
Bitch, jump in, cause you rollin'
With me

Chorus: Tavares
Ghetto senorita, won't you roll with me
Ghetto senorita, won't you ride with me
Ghetto senorita, won't you kick it with me
Kick it tonight, let's kick it tonight

Repeat Chorus

[Rap Verse: T-Swoop]
Now tell me
Why you fuckin' with me, my ride, my soul, my money
My name, my fame, with that bang, givin' you all the same
Perpetratin' your game, when you was tryin' to take mine
But you the only one to bang when you droppin' a fake line
Take time, baby, before you step in the TNT
You had to make a good relationship turn into tragedy
Now I'm rockin' my own, breakin' my bones, changin' my phone
We got these fly honies taking us home, it's on
In the Cadi Escalade on dubs
Plushed out the interior with the persian rugs, it's love
Roll up on the spot
It's gettin' kind of hot
Yo, my ghetto senorita got me tied up in a knot
Que vamos hacer
Yo, we estamos here
She got a bangin' ass body and yo me quiero meter, I did
And now it's on, to the break of-break of dawn
She's lickin' me, flickin' me, kickin' me, baby, word is bond
And it ain't over when I'm hittin' the nitty gritty
The kitty so good, she got me feelin' my own titties
So now you know that TNT don't play
Servin' them heat
From Charlotte all the way to L.A.

Outro: Tavares
Saw you at the car, you was runnin' the thang, you know
You really turned me on
Take it to the crib
Now let me see that thong
Girl, I want you
Baby let me
Twerk it (Work it...)
Twerk it (Twerk it...)
Ghetto senorita

Repeat Chorus Thrice

Lo que quiero hacer
Yo me quiero meter
Mami, quiero saber
Quiero saber
Quiero saber (Saber...)

Send "Ghetto Senorita" Ringtone to your Cell

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Flow Click Ghetto Senorita lyrics

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