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Man Kind
by C-BO

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lyrics to Man Kind / C-bo

So hard to survive, when I'm hunted by my own kind
Wanna make it harder, and hope I'm murdered by own nine
Born to be a leader, so I'm following my own line
The strength in my life, is the power of my my own mind
Yeah, I ride on my enemies
Die for my family, do life for my friends
Yeah, I said I ride on my enemies
Die for my family, do life for my friends

They tell me life is like a chess, and it's people waiting for me to fail
But I see it, as the ocean waiting for me to sail
They greatest way, to live with honor in this world
Is to be what you pretend to be, but just travel on your own grail
And trust no one but yourself, cause these niggaz ain't loyal
They knock you off over the pot, 'fore you get it to boil
So I'm in hoodies, with the smell of gun powder and oil
And specialize, in putting these cowards up under the soil
And they wonder why I'm violent
If during the confrontation, they wonder why I'm silent
Cause I don't lost homeboys and family members, next of kin
No wonder how I could squeeze, with a loaded tech and grin
I'm from the Southside G block, murder in my blood
My lil' locs'll dip, and have you murdered in the mud
Got my eyes in the mirror, dipping off in that rearview
Sawed off in the Lac, trigger pull when I'm near you


[E.D.I. Mean]
They say family'll do you wrong, quicker than a homie will
And I done seen it all, so you know I know that's real
The money and the fame, will make these niggaz forget they name
Bitches and money, and now they completely insane
Blood stains, the only thing that remains
For these lame ass niggaz, that never studied the game
Look you ain't wanna bust, one of a chosen few
My mob ties run deep, who the hell are you
Put it all on my flesh, feel it all in my chest
Thug life, till I finally get to rest job blessed
Took a oath never spoke, locest written in blood
Grew up quick, no dismissing my ambition to thug
Mama knew it too, try to do what she can do to homie
And love from the homie, was all I needed fo' me
So yeah, ride on our enemies
Die for my family, do life for my friends yeah


Pistol in my hand, so understand I'm the man
I follow the plan, cause you'll take the stand get me jammed
It's a must I fear no man, that bleed like me
Accepted into my mafia, if he's like me
I'm a born killer, shoot outs and fades test a nigga courage
Alcohol and PCP, keep me from getting discouraged
Same nigga same brand, same logo
Living in the strange, and so I hang with my fo-fo
Dust a nigga ass off, on the solo
Better ask about the Bald Head Nut, why they call me loco
Cause for one of my homeboys, I will kill ten of yours
For one of my family members, it's a never ending score
So we rock and roll, my killers out of control
They'll pull right up to your do', and then jump out and unload
Till no man survive, the wrath of revenge
Just another bump, in the wrong path I avenge


Send "Man Kind" Ringtone to your Cell

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C-bo Man Kind lyrics

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