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Until We Meet Again

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lyrics to Until We Meet Again / Rittz

Another school shootin just occurred today
Thinkin what on earth could make
somebody run up in a school or a church and take
innocent lives away based on a person's race
Little school kids stripped of their vertebraes
Fake rumors start to circulate
They beat his ass on camera cause they heard he's gay
The YouTube views almost over 30 K
The internet got us so shallow that we impersonate
celebs thinkin that we all should be one
And not that we failed, the world they need male
role models, wish I have a pops but he's gone
And mom don't keep up, she got two jobs
Don't like stress, workin for her children
She at work while her teenage daughter in her room
with a dude and she twerkin while he's filmin
Hurt somebody's feelings, shit all we do online
is diss and talk bad and we bash
total strangers, hope's endangered
Glad to see my homie's made it back from Iraq
But his limbs are torn up, his friends got blown up
Enlisted as a kid, ever since they grown up
They been through so much, exposed to death in combat
How the fuck you come back and adapt?
My homie just got Hodgkin's Lymphoma
I'm prayin every day hopin he gon' beat it
Strong muh'fucker on the phone with me
Tellin me jokes while he's goin through his chemo treatment
And he ain't put one sob story on his timeline
Instagram or Facebook, that ain't always real life
People starin at their phones so much
that they forget to look up and see the skyline
Thinkin that they Einstein cause they wrote a clever post
It's just a flash in a tiny attention span
Music is chewed up like fast food
and spewed out, nothin new on a menu plan
I can't hear shit (shit shit)
Sincerity clearly has died
My lyrics are merely the mirrors to the tears in my eyes
I've done my best, bye

[Chorus: Rittz + Candice Freeman]
I've done my best to share my life
My privacy's been sacrificed
But now we've reached the end
Until we meet again
I've put my soul in every word
I've shared my pain until it hurts
But now we've reached the end
Until we meet again
Ahh yeahhh yeahhhhh

Woke up and I checked Worldstar this morning
A cop just shot and killed a black kid, it was all recorded
Just like the incident they put up two days before it
It's become so normal
that it sickens me
I know that I'm probably gonna piss some people off listening
Because I'm white and I'm talkin about some shit we generally
don't go through but still I can't ignore it
There's so many people with power that won't go forward
The problem ain't gon' solve itself
Half of the cases are unreported
'til it's caught on someone's cell
And this is not a diss to all law enforcement
We call on them to help out when there is a threat
But I guess it's because I'm white, if I was black I'd be scared to death
When David Banner asked
"Where were all the white rappers at when Mike Brown got gunned down?"
I couldn't think of any answers
I felt ashamed and afraid of the future
with no contribution or any helpin hand to lend
I was in Kansas City shootin videos for my last album
and I could feel the tension
Another time of my life that I felt
like I was guilty for the color of my skin tone
Three months later, I was back in Missouri
on tour same night that the verdict was read
I was in shock on Twitter ventin
Then one of my fans tweeted that Mike Brown deserved it
I said, "Man you dumb as fuck, imagine you went to the store for blunts
And tried to run out the door with a pack
And the cops didn't bother arrestin you or give you a lecture
But instead they just murdered you dead
Man this shit ain't RIGHT~!"


[Outro: Rittz]
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal
They are endowed by their creator, with certain unalienable rights
that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men
deriving their powers from the consent of the governed
All men are born free and equal
And have certain natural, essential and unalienable rights
Among which may be reckoned the right
of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties
That of acquiring, possessing, and protecting their property
And find that of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness
We've taken too many steps forward to take this many back
We've taken too many steps forward to take this many back

Send "Until We Meet Again" Ringtone to your Cell

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Rittz Until We Meet Again lyrics

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