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Thiz How We Live

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lyrics to Thiz How We Live / Daz Dillinger

Yeah ha-ha, Daz and Kurupt
Kurupt and Daz, Dillinger and Young Gotti
Back up in this motherfucker like we 'spose to
Everyday all day, and this shit don't stop D.P.G.C.

Endo weed, makes me feel fine
Rolling through the hood, bout quarter to nine
All good I'm straight, ery'thangs alright
Magnetic, bitches on my dick all night
Welcome to the Dogg Pound estates
Where it's all about cheddar, and nickel plated barettas
Where packing and backless engines, a part of living
Bricks on the lick, they hit to get cheddar
And that's the only way to do better
But where I'm from, it's all about banging cuz
And what neighborhood, you claim you from
What neighborhood, you claiming cuz
I'm bout to shatter your window, flaming scuds
It's a Dogg Pound thang my nig'
It's just a way of life, it's just the way we live
It's just what it is, just me and cuz Dogg Pound

This is how we live, with that gangsta life
A Dogg Pound gangsta life, DPG gon' run for life
This is how we live, with that gangsta life
A Dogg Pound gangsta life, DPG gon' run tonight

I'm a D-O-double G, the P-O-U-N-D
G-A-N-G-S-T-A, the D-A-Z
I'm swinging my bandana, out the left side of my pocket
We got it on lock, you know the Pound will pop it
So get loose follow suit, and recking the game
So give it up homeboy, let's go out with a bang
Look in my rearview, what's the past is the past
It's K-U-R-U-P-T, and Dat Nigga Daz
Full throttle non stop, to the top of the chart
We legendary in our own time, we do it from the start and the heart
It goes down after dark, represent that gang
Hit that blunt, spark that flame
Giving y'all that kinda music, for y'all to ride to
Y'all to slide to, y'all to get high to
In a drop top Impala, with switches and all that
The K-U-R-U-P-T and D-A-Z, we back


Young Scarface, Gotti Pacino
G like Joey Malino, robbing casinos
Me I'm a arsonist, and lossenist
Me and Daz is original, as Johnny Carson is
I'm a provider rider, father and hood
I'm everything you couldn't be, if you could
It's just the way of life, it's just the way we live
It's just what it is, just me and Daz

Well I'm a D-P-G, fo' L-I-F-E
And we ain't worried bout nobody, messing with we
Cause we keep the forces, to enforce the street law
This is how we do it, when the Pound greet y'all
What's happ'ning ooh, shit we cool though
Daz and Kurupt, man them some fools though
Beware of the owner, cause the owner'll kill
And put your hands up, cause this a stick up for real


[Verse 4]
Everything we do, is so Doggy Style
And me Kurupt Daz, be wilding out
And rolling through the hood, hoes claim they down
Turn your radios, if you hear the sound
Cause we be spitting on
We talk about this real shit, that we be on
If you try to break a whip, it'll take too long
If you wanna hear some real shit, listen to this song


Send "Thiz How We Live" Ringtone to your Cell

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Daz Dillinger Thiz How We Live lyrics

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