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On Your Way Up

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lyrics to On Your Way Up / Emcee N.i.c.e.


If you woke up this morning
You notice things are turning around for you
Blessings is coming
Blessings on Blessings on Blessings
You owe that to God man
Galatians 6:9
Romans 12:12
Mathew 22:37
Walk with me, you on your way up, you on your way


You're on way up
Aint no turning back now
Let us not become weary in doing the good
That makes the lord feel proud


Woke up this morning with a revelation
lord said don't be afraid of what you about to suffer
The devil has plans to test your faith, stand tougher
The devil has plans to tempt you with things as a bluffer
But We all good
No weapon formed shall prosper, we all heard it
But did you believe it to receive it when we all heard it?
Do you understand Gods plan it's our purpose
Beyond the surface, Beyond the church's
When the word is given no matter how we living who are we to question the lord
When you're standing on your faith and relying on his grace
knowing God will always open the door (and that's some real talk)
You made your walk a message, that message delivered blessings
No more stressing or second guessing we coalescing
Around the all mighty, around the all knowing
That know where you've been, forgave your sins, you on your way


You're on way up
Aint no turning back now
Let us not become weary in doing the good
That makes the lord feel proud
Love the lord your God, with all of your heart
With all of your soul and your mind, (your mind) right from the start
Be joyful in hope
Patient in affliction
Faithful in prayer in prayer, in prayer with no restrictions
And you're on your way up


Every day's a victory (Amen)
Giving the lord the praise like we should be (amen)
Feels good to be in a better space (amen)
Rescued by his saving grace (amen)
I'm Letting my voice reflect the rejoice that came with my choice
And anointed my soul to let go and speak to the unvoiced
Many question faith, (faith), when they feel it's not in their favor
But to the savior their behavior mixed with layers of prayer can win
Whatever I do is for the lord, and not for men
Far from perfect my purpose on earth is service
My work is working the surface and reassuring churches
That those that feel they are worthless can worship

Send "On Your Way Up" Ringtone to your Cell

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Emcee N.i.c.e. On Your Way Up lyrics

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