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Do Yo Thang

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lyrics to Do Yo Thang / Daz Dillinger

I make the bitches shake they ass, make the niggaz gang bang
Nigga get your ride on, nigga let your rag hang
Whatever the fuck it is, you do to your bang
Just don't get yourself in trouble, when you do the wrong thang

If that bitch, wanna eat a dick so be again undress
And she can be my guest, and come do what the fuck it is she do best
And that's blow a nigga dick, until she lay some nuts
She got to walking through the club, looking for some love
With a pocket full of rubbers, and a baggie full of bud
I think the stripper, wanna be one of the chosen few
Took her home in the limo, with Diggie Daz and crew
What the fuck it is you do best, all thighs and breasts
Jumping around, looking like she possessed
Call the devil herself, in my bed giving me head
Baby wobble on this dick, I had to giggle little bit
After that I got high, flew through the sky
Swooped on another bitch, and told her a lie
Some bullshit like tonight, you know it's you and I
But you know what we do inside the party, we getting live

You wanna hang with me, you wanna bang with me
Come on and swang with me, do yo thang with me
You maybe can get a little bit of game from me
Girl it's plain to see, I live dangerously
I make the bitches shake they ass, make the niggaz gang bang
Nigga get your ride on, nigga let your rag hang
Whatever the fuck it is, you do to your bang
Just don't get yourself in trouble, when you do the wrong thang

Bitch excuse me, I forgot to introduce myself
I'm the man with great taste, class and wealth
My name is Diggie Daz, and these are my hoes
And this is my flow, and you know the way it go
I use to rock block parties, like this you know
Cause you see me in the hood, gon' tipping the hoes
She was a long haired bitch, by the name of Tina Sue
She just broke up, with a nigga like you
I took her to the party, and the party got new
That she would do me, and my homeboys too
And that's what she did best, she loved sex
Didn't keep it get undressed, I was impressed
What she do what she did, she blew
Not one not two, three dicks she blew
And the song baby, it's Diggie Daz baby
Till the break of dawn baby, you going home baby
Tomorrow morn' baby, I might get rock a flat
After I bust a nut bitch, no sooner than that
After that I won't play stepdad, and give you no cash
Get in that strip club, and shake yo ass
Cause that's what, you do best
And to tell you the truth, it ain't no different than the rest
You wanna know, what I do best
I break it down so fresh, yep yep ha-ha


All I wanted to do was bust a nut, and find out how long
I had to sit on the phone with your ass bitch, before I fucked
See, I never really loved ya
Always wanted to dick ya I dug ya, always stayed above ya
So what's left for me to do, pass her through the crew
Snoop Dogg, Kurupt it's through
You the type of bitch, niggaz only fuck full of Hennessey
Ain't got shit but ass and titties, but you blow like Kenny G
So hit the flo' bitch, blow and blow
Grab your coat bitch, you go hit the flo'
I make the bitches shake they ass, I make the gangstas boogie
Cause gangstas don't dance


Send "Do Yo Thang" Ringtone to your Cell

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Daz Dillinger Do Yo Thang lyrics

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