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lyrics to Disrespectful / Famous Dex

I will ride a nigga wave when he's broke
I got 21 shots in this Glock and it's shootin Jimmy Butler
On my mother, pussy nigga you buss (you a bitch)
That's ya bitch man you love her
I don't trust her, all I do is just fuck her
You a stupid mother fucker, you don't give a damn about me
You ain't never seen the key, I go gorilla in these streets and I put that on G
Twin Dex shoot for me, he would never trigger me and I put you on the streets
Put your hands on your feet
Sci Fi on the beat
M.O.E is where I be
Free my hands and they free
Free my hands and they free

If that's your bitch boy you wouldn't date her
I go now, you gon' check the data
Baby salty like some now and laters
Baby you gon' call me now and later

I don't want her, I just want the paper
She can drown on another saver
My money get tall like a skyscraper
I am so high like a skyscraper
But fuck all this shit, run up on a nigga put a 30 in this bitch
Run up on him good and I put him in the ditch
Cut the lens off, and you caught him off the lick
Hell yeah, I'm a boss
Hell yeah, bitch you lost
Put yo ass on a [?], bitch I don't give a fuck
I'm getting money like a bucks
I'm riding round foreigns truck
Rozay got the lean, now I'm feelin' like a feen
Fuck a bitch in wedding ring, but she can't get a thing
[?] Yao Ming, and I ain't even on the team, woah
I fuck your lil bitch, man you slow
She want an award, I said nope
I put my dick in her throat
I'm speaking to her like I'm lil boat
I'm riding round in a lamb
I'm blocking bitches out the gram
I had to treat them like a spam
You run up on me, it go blam
Oh my God, I'm getting money in my overalls
I'm getting money in my overalls
Oh hell yeah, yeah my overalls, ah woah
I fuck up that shit up her nose
Wait, I pour me a four
I'm getting money, I ain't broke
Wait, your boyfriend is yours
But yeah, I'm getting money everywhere
A DDB everywhere
A Rich Forever everywhere

Ah, waaa

Send "Disrespectful" Ringtone to your Cell

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Famous Dex Disrespectful lyrics

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