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Runn The Blocc

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lyrics to Runn The Blocc / Mc Eiht

Damn, no, I don't know nothing
Tell em we just got here, before they did
Looking at me, let alone wanna talk to me
I don't know nothing, damn
Talk to them or some'ing man

Maylay shoo the shit, since a youth at risk
The big homies knew what crew to pick, who was with
The missions for the hitting, some was breaking and entering
Others taking delivering, the catering the kitchen man
The difference then, blacks own hella houses
If you was snitching, wasn't living to tell about it
You was right, we fight all day and night
But doing wrong, you on your own for life
I'm from Los Angeles, big guns women and cannabis
Niggaz can't run, from where the cameras is
Cause when the bird hit the light, it turn midnight white
Another term for the chips, with the flicks and the kites
We like lowriders, and hog motorcycles
And we don't go psycho with rifles, like white folks
Tell em Eiht, it's West Coast till my eyes closed
With one shot, plus a blindfold ha

[Chorus - 2x]
Who run the blocks, who run the blocks
Feel so deep, we got heat in jam knocks
Who run the blocks, who run the blocks
Eiht and Maylay, all day bust shots

[MC Eiht]
One time, swoop up on the block
Trying to take mine, I hop some fences
Now it's a foot chase, trying to dash for freedom
It's money over everything, we don't see em
Fuck the census, since I was a lad
It was hood, to be under motherfucker I'm bad
Sad day, the homie got jacked
And shot in the process, g'eah that's whack
I get em on everything, we get back
Necessary be the time, g'eah when shit crack
Come into deep resources, the source be
My income street, and it comes so regularly
The enemy comes, so you better be ready G
So when I aim, better hold it steadily
Shit call it the war zone, life in the land worse
Follow the rules, or they reprimand
I rep for the West, so the Eiht can handle
Compton for the hood's, what the fuck I stand fo'
Who run the blocks, who run the blocks
G'eah g'eah g'eah g'eah, come on

[Chorus - 2x]

[MC Eiht]
I'm on the block, with a dirty deuce-deuce
And a colt .45, like Pac got juice
Steal a nigga struggle, so they can't produce
It's all for the money, so a nigga cut loose
Cuz, it was Nissan trucks
And a ugly rat bitch, back then was a duck
I told a hoe, bitch get the duck sick
Round up the baby gangstas, hit a lick
One shot, now it's life up state
The homie from the hood, turn up my cellmate
Love for the hood, ain't a motherfucker
Gave a nigga all day, but I stay all good
I hit the streets, right back in
One time's on my coattails, niggaz can't win
That's the motto, hustle hood rich
Compton all day, it's fuck a bitch
It's Compton forever
West the best loc, g'eah keep it together
When it's cruising down the street, in any lowriders
Eiht and Maylay, all day Westsiders g'eah


Welcome to the West
I'll show ya till ya fed up, and still won't let up - 4x

Send "Runn The Blocc" Ringtone to your Cell

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Mc Eiht Runn The Blocc lyrics

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