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I Ain't Got Time!

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lyrics to I Ain't Got Time! / Tyler, The Creator

Right now we got some new music
Only here on Golf Radio
God I love this sample!

{"We're going to dance, and exercise, and have some fun"}

[Chorus: Tyler, the Creator]
I ain't got TIIIIIME for these niggas
Better throw a watch at the boy
Had my boys in this bitch lookin' like a seminar
Who the fuck you talkin' to muh'fucker?
Boy I ain't got TIIIIIME for these bitches
Better throw a clock at these hoes
Have these hoes in this bitch lookin' for a waterhose
Who the fuck you talkin' to muh'fucker?
Boy I ain't got time

[Tyler, the Creator]
Boy I need a Kleenex
How I got this far? Boy I can't believe it
That I got this car, so I take the scenic
Passenger a white boy, look like River Phoenix
First (happy birthday!)
You bitch ass nigga, yup I'm thirsty
Them little shots that you threw, they ain't hurt me
I ain't fuck with your bitch ass in the first place


[Tyler, the Creator]
Nat Turner would be so proud of me
Cause all these (motherfuckers) got they style from me
I bet they all lookin' from the crowd at me
And if I ask them, they would bow at me
But you a house nigga so you don't know, how that shit go
With my big lips, and my big nose
And my big dick, and my short hair
Cause you already know how slow my shit grow (hey!)

[Interlude: Tyler, the Creator]
Tick tock, tick tock - uh-huh
Tick tock, tick tock - yeah (hey!)
Tick tock, tick tock - aiyyo
Tick tock, tick tock

[Tyler, the Creator]
Been the man with a pickle plan, niggas know the deal/dill
When I sell the carnival, I bet I get a 100 mil' (hey!)
Next line will have 'em like "woah"
I've been kissin' white boys since 2004
One me, two feet, three Ms
Four, five, six years ago sucked
Seven figure conversations with Converse finalized
cause Vans fucked up~! (hey!)
I'ma read commas, you gon' leave comments
Sayin' what I shoulda did, but you ain't did nada
You ain't important, I'ma keep sportin'
All smiles over here, shout out to The Garden
(Tick tock) And that's a fact boy!
And I just handle all my bid'ness like a chess board
(Tick tock, tick tock) And at them Golf boys
That's my motherfuckin' set boy
Hard pill to swallow like some thick soda
Walk weird cause my pockets look like thick Yoda
With a Skywalker, ridin' 'round solar
Anakin skin Sprite and my tint cola
Gettin' neck from a broad like some big shoulders
'Til I bust like that 9 in ya heat holster
Everything I say is hot, bitch I speak toaster
And I bred orthodox like I eat kosher
Shout out to (shhh) they gave a big loaf of
Green bread, got me chillin' like a clean sofa
What's that thick odor? Young Millie T
A young, focused black boy, oh silly me
(I ain't got time!) Better talk shit
Cause I'm either in my Cons or my Golf shit
Pants got a lil flood, nigga pipe down
I'm Lil Boosie, Lil Boosie the way I +Wipe Down+
(Boy I ain't got time!) Yeah right now
Cause niggas dyin' every day and I ain't light brown
And i-D ain't wanna give a nigga no post
So I went and did a twelve-page spread in Vogue
(Nigga I ain't got time!) Listen mane, I'm that boy
All you little niggas clones, boy I fill that void
You better kill that noise, turn around and remap route
When they see that boy with them big ears and that gap tooth

Tick tock, tick tock (bitch)
Tick tock, tick tock (cause I ain't got)

"Nigga! Whoa! He's so slick"
(What the fuck?)
"Nigga! Cause you're so s-"

Send "I Ain't Got Time!" Ringtone to your Cell

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Tyler, The Creator I Ain't Got Time! lyrics

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