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lyrics to Determined / Trae

G'eah, uh, ok

It's been hard to enjoy a smile, when your life off track
Most of my people flew to heaven, damn I still ain't packed
I been searching for better days, like my shit been jacked
My last fire didn't heal, I'm trying to get that back
I done built one hell of a story, trying to get that sack
So many nights hanging on corners, like a fucked up rack
But everything fall on the floor, I'm trying to keep shit tacked
I pray I don't go in reverse, and have to whip that crack
I done witnessed too many switches, so my days don't trust shit
My spirit stays under pressure, trying to hold so much shit
Devil around the corner, guess he still on that fuck shit
Been fighting since I was 12, hell I still ain't done shit
Everyone counting on me, hope my numbers don't fall short
I'm still better than snakes, coming at me in all sorts
Trying not to get bit, I gotta win like all sports
Still trying to sail a ship, when they closed off all ports

G'eah, I see it
But they gon' have to see me too, check it

Kinda hard to vision a dream, when you stuck in a nightmare
Everything point against ya, love just don't fight fair
Enemies playing angels, only hoping your life spare
Sick of walking these shoes, I'm trying to find me the right pair
Streets yelling out king, I guess I'm still in the right chair
Trying to delete my circle, 'fore it's got by the right square
Being chosen ain't dead, though it gave me a light scare
Feel like everyone watching, even if it's a light stare
Looking at everyone who said fuck me, I gotta fade em
And what they on don't apply, if I trip out can't no one save em
I know I'm in God's favor, therefore I could never hate em
Just issue on what the business is, shake em up till I wake em
Don't wait on me, my ride is in motion
Trying to make it when my kids turn 17, they was toasting
Seen too many ticket fares, so I just focus on coasting
I've acquired to be greatness, of this show I was hosting

G'eah it's a trip ain't it, it's all good nigga
I'm still at it nigga g'eah, I'm on it

My inner spirit keep telling me Trae, you are not a loser
Go on lose them niggaz in traffic, and get em for what they do's ya
Niko is getting older, walking talking and laughing
And talking shit at the same time, funny how time is passing
Lil' Jared is fly as a hawk
I know them girls gon' be in trouble, you can tell when he talk
It ain't a game, Baby Houston is a star I can feel it
Give him a year, I swear he gon' be hot as a skillet
I know my life ain't been the best, but I can say I'm alive
I'm thanking God that I ain't die, I'm out here trying to survive
A lot of people see me hurting so they turned away, went about they bid'ness
I came in this alone, so I'm gon' be that when I finish
I pray to get out the hood, this lil' nigga that could
I say it ain't all bad, I'm just trying to make it for good
Mama told me to win I'ma do my best, just so I could make her proud
'Fore either one of us, make it to a cloud

And I'ma do that, for real
Bet your life on that one, come on
I got it, tell them niggaz watch me
Ha-ha, tell them niggaz watch me
G'eah, tell them niggaz watch me
I tried to tell em watch it

Send "Determined" Ringtone to your Cell

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Trae Determined lyrics

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