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I Don't Give A Fuck

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lyrics to I Don't Give A Fuck / Trae

G'eah, I'm back on my shit nigga

Keep playing with me
I'm in this bitch, and can't no one fuck with me
I hear the talk, but you ain't talking to me
Keep popping off, I bet this chopper come see
I don't give no fuck, (I don't give a fuck nigga I don't give a fuck)
(I don't give a fuck nigga, I don't give a fuck)
I don't give no fuck, (I don't give a fuck nigga I don't give a fuck)
(I don't give a fuck nigga, I don't give a fuck)

Why you all on my dick, that's that shit I don't like
Hoe niggaz can't make me believe, come try me it's gon' be cold nights
Fuck niggaz always got some'ing to say, I'm king other niggaz all in the way
Get your block and your whip flipped all in a day, boss moves checkmate that was all in the play
A couple niggaz don't like me oh well, get a pillow on a bitch they gon' tell
That tough man shit just don't sell, streets riding with Trae I won't fail
I don't lip box I just send shots, or put a nigga face on the back of a milk box
Fuck that rap shit I'm a gangsta, I don't get stripes nigga I get shit popped
What the fuck is you looking at nigga, keep trying to play stiff and get found in a box
Just know when I show up on niggaz, this mac-11 got me feeling like Pac
They say I'm the realest I know it, I bet I show it when I come in this bitch
I go to tripping it's over, no point in talking it ain't nothing to fix


[Rick Ross]
Never sacred to die, see the look in my eye
Nigga tried to whack me, still dropped the top in my ride
Sucker sent the hoe, hit you in your El Camino
Got that eight figure plus deal, nigga still quick to slang dope
Get high blowing that smoke, I'd die before I go broke
Your baby mama my thot, my eighth year I'm still high
Your house less than my watch, my watch over your life
Ain't no bitch bad as my bitch, and I fucked your bitch twice
Boss sipping that drank, boss twisting that dank
Boss getting that bank, just bought Holyfield's estate
That's just weed money lil' nigga, where your money lil' nigga
Leave a hole in your nigga, when we run down on your nigga


I don't give no fuck, yeah

Send "I Don't Give A Fuck" Ringtone to your Cell

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Trae I Don't Give A Fuck lyrics

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