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by Z-RO

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lyrics to Solid / Z-ro

Uh fucking right this is my block, and I'ma rep this bitch
I'm always on my Houston Texas, Mo City Texas shit
All that real shit I talk, a fake nigga you ain't never gon' catch me with
Even if it's my relative, they be like Ro let me live
Homie think I owe him something, cause we started this shit together
And then he was gone but my hustle went on, that's why I ended up with the cheddar
He look at me like I'm 'spose to be giving him something, I LOL cause I will never
Jealous ass always be talking about me, simply because I am doing so much better
I'm so glad, I ain't a roach ass nigga baby
He just mad, cause he a broke ass nigga baby
I thank God I ain't gotta sell dope no mo', I sell myself now
Never needed your help in the beginning, and I still don't need your fucking help now

Solid, and I'm all about my do'
Nothing but loud that's all I blow, I don't fuck with y'all no mo'
I am solid, killers with me everywhere I go
Who say they got beef with Ro, bet you won't see them no mo'
I am solid, and I don't trip over no hoe
And I ain't never been hoe, keep it real that's all I know
I am solid, so don't come knocking at my do'
Cause you know you ain't my bro, you mean nothing to Z-Ro

Solid as a rock, you gon' do what I say do what you gon' fucking leave
All that shit you was talking, now you can't fucking breathe
Homicide don't know what to do, cause they ain't got no fucking lead
I bet in the next life you know better, then to fuck with me
I run this city run this side of town, I run this neighborhood I run this block
If you wanna get some money over here, you gotta leave some money over here
If not, you gon' get shot
Got you and your people, doing the mannequin challenge
You niggaz, really in a six foot Ziplock
Murder all of you motherfuckers, just for stepping on my property
I'm the landlord, on this block
And you don't wanna get me started
I might show love to my people, but I am oh so heartless
Taking haters out like it's Monday morning, and they are garbage
If I gotta come get ya, I'ma just come get ya won't be no warning


Solid as a rock
Solid, I don't give a fuck what you niggaz think about me
Fuck all y'all, it ain't no smoking and drinking for free
Solid, you got me fucked up
And one of y'all motherfuckers run up on me
Gon' get fucked up
Solid, it ain't no love
I ain't running in none of you bitches, if I ain't got no glove
Solid, and you niggaz is sorta squishy
Talking bout what you gon' do, when you see me
I'm waiting on you, to come get me

Well Rother Vandross, Rohammad Ali
And I ain't talking to one or two niggaz
I'm talking to more than a few niggaz
All y'all niggaz hate me, and I love that shit

Send "Solid" Ringtone to your Cell

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Z-ro Solid lyrics

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