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Play Me
by Z-RO

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lyrics to Play Me / Z-ro

Uh, Z-Ro what can you do for me
Bitch you must be crazy, what you ever do for me
When I was broke, you wouldn't even give me two for three
Now I'm on top of my money, I wish DJ Screw could see
Hustle 24-7, hoe that's all I know
Purple with frosted flakes on it, yeah that's all I blow
Hate to see me balling don't ya, you are what I call my foe
You just be acting real, and you are not who I would call my bro
These niggaz ain't shit, in a commode though
Yeah he might be half a man, but he a whole hoe
Always need something, he remind me of my old hoe
I ain't showing love, to none of y'all niggaz no mo'
Matter fact, if they hating I'ma let em hate
I know I fed em, why they acting like they never ate
She don't really fuck with me, she just trying to sell a plate
Hope you having fun with my homies, I ain't gon' ever hate

The motto, is fuck you pay me
Hustle 24-7, never lazy
Rocking real diamond, no fugazi
And I never let a bitch nigga play me
The motto, is fuck you pay me
Get a bag, plus a bag on the daily
On that super loud, feeling real wavy
And I never let a bitch nigga, yeah yeah

These niggaz, must of forgot
That I don't need niggaz, I'm Stevie Wonder to you
I can't see ya nigga, me and you are not the same
I use to think you was real, but I guess you got me mayn
All up in the barbershop, gossiping like a he-bitch
What you got going, besides what's going on with me bitch
Mad cause I won't give em to ya, ain't nothing for free bitch
When I came out my mama, you wasn't with me bitch
All this hateful shit to say, about my new bitch
Tell the truth, you still wishing it was you bitch
Miss me so bad, you don't know what to do bitch
Especially when your new nigga, bump my new shit
What they say about me, I shouldn't give a fuck
Cause anytime, anywhere I'll hit em up
They with they kids, somebody gon' have to pick em up
There he is there they go, somebody zip em up
This shit can't be real, I guess it's just a movie then
Cause I'd never let a bitch nigga, do me in
What you say you gon' do to me, go on do it then
I promise to God, I ain't going out like that
I got it on me, ain't gotta leave and come right back
The ambulance just left Mo City, it's coming right back
They don't know who they fucking with, I just can't let em make it
Y'all gon' rob who, R.I.P. soon as y'all try to take it


Send "Play Me" Ringtone to your Cell

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Z-ro Play Me lyrics

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