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Bye Bye
by Z-RO

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lyrics to Bye Bye / Z-ro

Miss me, with that bullshit
You know, real niggaz do real thangs
Yeah, I say miss me with that bullshit
And put some respect, on my name
Talking down, but I don't mind
Cause I'd be damned, if I don't shine
I thought it was love, I thought it was love
You drank my drank, and smoke my smoke
But would you be here, if a nigga was broke
That's why I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck, that's why I be like

Bye bye, I don't need you in my life
Bye bye, it shoulda never been hello
Bye bye, I don't need you in my life
Bye bye, can we talk about it hell no

Ruth's Chris on the weekday
And Truluck's, on the weekend
99 problems, but a friend ain't one
Homie you ain't gotta speak, when you see him
She never wanted to hear what he say
Now she be, all up in his deep end
Look all of y'all can kiss his ass, with your tongue hanging out
That's the attitude, and the mood I be in
Wood blows everywhere
If it's traffic, the helicopter gon' get us there on time
One Deep Clothing, I'll forever wear
If it ain't Boss Life apparel, you know I gotta put on mine
Slim Thug, that's my lil' big brother
These people always scheming, on what they can get from us
I ain't paying no nigga, I ain't paying no bitch
I don't even pay attention, how I'm 'pose to pay the rent


Send "Bye Bye" Ringtone to your Cell

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Z-ro Bye Bye lyrics

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-Here I must bake my own semlor each year, but I remember walking to school in Göteborg, when I was in 5th grade at Jogaenebnrhs skolan, there was a konditori just near the school, and a few of us would buy a semla in the morning before school sometimes, if we had a little extra money.

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