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by JME

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lyrics to Deceived / Jme

(I ain't lying, I don't care man)
(I ain't...)
(Just say it wasn't you man)
(Nah man, I'm gonna tell the truth)
(Just say you dunno who did it, just say it weren't you man)
(But I do know who done it what you talking about man.
I'm a tell the truth. I ain't lying)
(Lie innit.) (What am I gonna lie for. I ain't got nothing to hide)

It all started off normal
No one was on a hype
But Skepta had a tool and all I had was a knife
I said I'm gonna tell the truth, but they all said I should lie
But I thought why the hell should I flippin' lie for I got nothing to hide
We was all getting ready yeah, I could feel it was gonna kick off
My patience was thin already as Skepta took his coat off
I think that's when it all started you know, the hype of Skepta's head
And plus cause he had the tool in his hand, nothing needed to be said
All I heard was BANG and I swear I heard something smashed
So I dropped the knife on the floor and I went to help Skepta cause I was baffed
But then when I got there, he was lying on the floor
And the whole place was a mess
There was a little bit of blood but I expected more
We all started arguing as if that was gonna help the case
I was gonna call the ambulance but I didn't want it to escalate
Yeah I know it sounds a bit dumb, I really should have picked up the phone
But I knew that any minute now we was expecting you home

(Yes mum)
(Is Junior alright?)
(Yeah he's alright man)
(Put your brother on the phone for me please, let me speak to him)
(Nah he's alright man he's alright, it's just a little cut)
(Have you called the police?)
(What are we calling the police for?)

When I said Skepta had a tool, I didn't mean a gun, I meant a hammer
He was assembling a birthday present, he got you a wardrobe I got you a camera
Then Julie came home from Ikea, cause she went to get you a vase
And the reason I had a knife is cause I was cutting your cake in half
Then Skepta started getting all hyper, started mucking about with the tools
Then the hammer slipped from his hand
and smashed the vase and scratched up your walls
That's when I heard the bang, I dropped the knife and went to go check
Because your surprise birthday party had turned into a wreck
Don't worry it was nothing major, Julie was a bit upset
And Skepta cut his finger, and the front room was a mess
That's when we started arguing about who was in the wrong
But don't worry I'll buy you a new vase, anyway happy birthday mum

(Jason get me a dustpan)
(That's messy man)
(Look at the mess man, come)
(Ahh man)
(See that's what you have to do man
I told you what to do man, just tell the truth man)
(Yeah I know I know I know)
(Ha ha)
(See now your gonna laugh, look at you laughing man I see)
(Ha ha)
(Flippin' hell can we tidy up
let's tidy all this up before dad comes back
cause I ain't really into dads shouting you get me come)
(Yeah come man come come come)
(Next time let's tell the truth innit, no lie)

Send "Deceived" Ringtone to your Cell

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Jme Deceived lyrics

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