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lyrics to Drama / Tech N9ne

[Intro: Tech N9ne + Krizz Kaliko]
Drama drama drama drama drama (Strange Music!)
Drama drama drama drama drama (new shit!)
Drama drama drama drama drama (Tech N9ne!)
Drama drama drama drama drama (let's go!)

[Tech N9ne]
Anybody caaaaan get it
When it's comin at me I aaaaam wit it
Best keep it off of my fam
Bring it this way, then you pay, make you say, "Goddamn!"
K-C-M-O is the place that I'm from, if you live in my city you grippin a gun
And we ready for them who like killin for fun
and we get 'em before they get us and they done
I'll be damned if a devil is takin me from my lil' babies
two ladies or breakin thee son
Deep in necropolis they can become, all of your drama is makin me dummmmb
I'm in the thick of it, cause they plottin on me
Not gonna be fistin it, cause I'm poppin only
Better watch your vocals
Cops, politicians, white folks, niggaz goin postal!
Cheah! Lot of people on some scavenger shit
Now in Missouri for a gun I ain't gotta have a permit
Wanna feel that chrome? I can peel that dome
Just like me, everybody left they chill at home

[Chorus: Krizz Kaliko] + (Tech N9ne)
Drama (I'm a, real, nigga, that they, wanna, kill)
(So I, keep it, drama, filled; I don't, got no, kind of, chill)
Drama (I'm a, real, nigga, that they, wanna, kill)
(So I, keep it, drama, filled; I don't, got no, kind of, chill)
Yeah, bring that if you got it to bring
I get it, admit it, we on the same thing
OK! I swear that I just wanna ball
Well I can end it all with a call if it's drama
That's on my momma nigga!

[Tech N9ne]
We don't have them blades
We go in the trunk for what I have them spray
Gonna have to grab them graves
That's what you're gonna get after you catch them (fades)
Everywhere you hear the gunshots, drama be on everyone's block
Now we be up at the gun shop, target practice tryna make your lungs stop
Better stack up on your sunblock cause the light from the heat that I brung's hot
Kill my fam, I hope that everyone rots, and your family goody goody gumdrops
Yeahhh! I'm in the thick of it, cause she lyin on me
If she send them to get me everybody dyin homie
Cheah! But not me (uh-uh) not me
Got my shooters for any intruders that I see
House alarm is red, been wantin a set
I was born to bless so nobody harms the Tech
So come one, come all, you want us to numb y'all
Makin everyone fall dead up under gun law


[Outro: Tech N9ne]
Strange Music (Strange Music)
E-S-T (E-S-T) 2000 (2000)
2017 (2017) we still (we still)
Still (still) kill (kill)
Everything (everything)...
Tech (Tech Tech Tech)
N9ne (N9ne N9ne N9ne)

Send "Drama" Ringtone to your Cell

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Tech N9ne Drama lyrics

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