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Mr. Goodbar

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lyrics to Mr. Goodbar / Dj Rude One

Rude One, waddup!
Yeah, check it out, check it out

[Your Old Droog]
Old Droog keep a fly bunny
On a leash like, "Bitch betta have my money!"
Your girl smoke Newports and sound wild funny
Voice deeper than I-20's
Vocal chords be +Disturbing Tha Peace+
Muh'fuckers youse a herb in the East
Heard they about to do you like Ching-a-Ling
Tryna say that your girl got a ding-a-ling
{HEE-SHEE~!} Blowticious
What do you know, the flow is so vicious
Cause I'm hungry, the crib got no dishes
No saltwater tank, no +Fishes+
Only +Swedish+ ones from the corner store
I was born to poor parents who wanted more
American dream, here I am spittin dope rhymes
that are never generic in theme
And when they are, beats still clean
Go flex on 'em - mean
All around the world, I seen women fiend
Wrote numbers, in Gene Simmons jeans
Joints out in Pasadena
Wash Heights homes who still bump "Gasolina"
More freaks than the week they tried to cast "Selena"
You can't see me

[Chorus: Your Old Droog]
More than just a hood star, call me Mr. Goodbar
Listen close you'll find something really good in every bar

[Your Old Droog]
Any time that your hear a Droog rhyme I drop zingers
No more mob ringers, but he lingers
Where fiends still cop from slingers
Crackheads got pipes like opera singers
Former drug dealers to the stars
Are now owners of motherfuckin juice bars
Some still sell, they go back
Sold that boy the Hillel Slovak
(Who?) Y'all cats is so whack
And I'm iller with the pen than the Zodiac killer
Phyllis/Feel this, like Diller/Dilla
I'm talkin Jay Dee and that old lady, it's no one realer
Stayin the same, I already got the best wordplay in the game
And the metaphors, they don't even comprende those
These pendejos should pay me to pen they flows
I hook 'em up, literally with choruses
Smoke verses and I burn bridges like self-sabotage
Even on Sabbath we charge, Sunday I have a menage
Givin me shine's one thing they got right
Fuck the game, thrust into the spotlight
Think I'm in it for the fame? Well not quite...


[Your Old Droog]
Bo Garden like Biggavel', no pardon
Go hard in the paint
I'm focused on the universe in my reach
Y'all cats in thirstin, all you do is reach
Easily replaceable
You got bars, well I got suitcases full
Used to keep a book just for punchlines
Right next to the Big L and Pun shrine
Fresh Chucks and a Pelle clean
For gettin biz, I'm notorious
Crush you like a jelly bean
My shit early L.L. mean, you rock L.L. Bean
We dipped in Ferragam'
Pay stacks, lay back with an air of calm
Writin' rhymes in the crib with a Ferrer Farm


Check-check-check, Your Old Droog
DJ Rude One, we in here

Send "Mr. Goodbar" Ringtone to your Cell

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Dj Rude One Mr. Goodbar lyrics

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