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Your Lover

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lyrics to Your Lover / Moore & Moore

I wish I could have met you again a few years ago
Before you met & married someone you didnt know
I always thought that youd be mine
Somehow we both lost track of time
The sad thing is we lost track of each other
I could have been your lover
I should have been your lover

I know she doesnt know you as well as I once did
We were well beyond our years for a couple kids
But I could see inside your dreams
And youve achieved most everything
But I know were yearning for each other
I could have been your lover
I should have been your lover

Who knows who we finally end up with
We dont always choose the one thats right
Love can lead us even when its blind
With its never-ending burning light

I still have a lover's share of hope inside
When you said you were happy, I just know you lied
I saw it on your face today
That you had something else to say
So Im here tonight for you to rediscover
If I can be your lover
Let me be your lover

I can be your lover
Let me be your lover

C Belton Uncle Music, BMI

Send "Your Lover" Ringtone to your Cell

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Moore & Moore Your Lover lyrics

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