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True Blood

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lyrics to True Blood / Justin Timberlake

Red was the color of her eyes
She put me in a meditation state
The skin is white so white
The night will have no expiration date
Black is the color of the night
And it's time for me get her body waste
There's just something 'bout the demon that she brings out of me
When we raise hell I can't stay away

Aw, give it to me now
Something just got you fiendin'
Once she starts to evoke the spirit
It comes at night when you're a dreaming

I think she's got that true blood
Every time your 'round I can smell it in you
She's got that true blood
I come around and raise the hell out of you
It's that demon in me that's got me screaming
Make me wanna build a coffin for two
She's got that true blood
But baby I just do it for the thrill out of you


[Verse 2:]
Now I feel my fever on the rise
And the bones in my body start to quake
Straight up from my tongue and my mind
She controls me when I don't want to escape
All the ones gotta try
But they have been here by no mistake
But she got a bite of my type
She told me that she find the perfect way

[Bridge:] + [Hook:]

[Breakdown 2]
Her pheromones invaded my senses
I saw her silhouette
Your perfection, I'm mad I don't wanna leave
Those girls wanna burn with me but they don't hold a candle


Send "True Blood" Ringtone to your Cell

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Justin Timberlake True Blood lyrics

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