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Send "Reconciliation" Ringtone to your Cell

lyrics to Reconciliation / Buzzcocks

Been contemplating lately what you mean to me
You are the one I care about, the only one I love
And though we may be separated by the sea
It's still just you I'm dreaming of you must believe me
Para siempre means forever
And I intend to keep that promise, you know

I have this dream of yearning burning in my heart
Of how goos things still would be if we made a brand new start
Seven empty days fill weeks tough months become years
But I still cherish memories of romantic beers
And so I'll tell you something you already know
Para siempre means forever
I still intend to keep that promise, you know

What I want is reconciliation
This separation's more than I can bear
Don't wanna be alone, my love is guaranteed
I want to know that you still care
And so I'll tell you something you already know
Para siempre means forever
I still intend to keep that promise, you know

No need to be alone
Your love is all I need
Just say the word and I'll be there

Send "Reconciliation" Ringtone to your Cell

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Buzzcocks Reconciliation lyrics

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