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Come On A Cone

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lyrics to Come On A Cone / Nicki Minaj

Im really sitting with Anna
Aint a metaphor, punchline Im really sittin with Anna
Front row at Oscar De La Renta posture
Aint a bitch that could do it, not even my imposter
Put these bitches on lockout, where the fuck is your roster
I pull up in that new new marinara and pasta
Shake my head, yo Im mad, aint a bitch in my zone
In the middle of nowhere, I just feel so alone
Got the certification, cause it come with the stone
But this ice is so cold, that shit come on a cone

That shit come on a cone, that shit come on a cone
And my ice is so cold, that shit come on a cone
That shit come on a cone, that shit come on a cone
Cause my ice is so cold, that shit come on a cone

7up went and gave my commercial to Cee-Lo
But dont tell 'em I said it, lets keep it on the d-low
If you need you a look, just put me on your song
But you know it'll cost about 6 figures long
But you bitches aint got it, where the fuck is your budgets

Send "Come On A Cone" Ringtone to your Cell

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Nicki Minaj Come On A Cone lyrics

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-This Hit-Boy produced track finds Minaj at her most brash, as she brags about her record sales ("<b>Pink Friday</b>, two milli; <a href="" target="_blank">Super Bass</a>, triple plat") and the famous company she finds herself in ("When you see me on <i>Ellen</i>, just admit that I'm winnin'). It is a return to her original brazenness, that originally showed up on such pre-fame tracks as "I Get Crazy "from her 2009 mixtape <b>Beam Me Up, Scotty's</b>. "I always thought I could write pop songs for someone else or I could write R&B records for someone else, but I didn't think that people would accept me writing those type of songs and me singing them and just being who I am," Minaj told <i>Complex</i> magazine. "And I guess that's the point... The goal is to not want their acceptance, the goal is to just do you and they'll come around."
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