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Someone To Love Me (naked)

(feat. or a.k.a.) Diddy, Lil Wayne

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lyrics to Someone To Love Me (naked) / Mary J. Blige

(Also known as "Someone To Love Me (naked)")

Looking for someone to love me
I'm-m-m looking for someone to love me
I'm no angel
there so much I can take
calm down, patience
don't lose your temper hold on wait
I've got issues just like you
sometimes I get so confused
I'm strong but I can break
I'll be praying so hard
to get through the day
bad thoughts in my mind I can't shake
having nightmares in the day can you relate?

Please somebody come and wake me
I can't let this cold world take me
I'm looking

It's my life, my life, word to Mary
n-ggas can't f-ck with me, Virgin Mary
go ahead make my day, dirty Harry
Weezy, f-ck the World pop ya cherry
everybody pushing but I don't fall back
and everybody looking but blind to the fact
the clock on the wall say it's time for some action
now you can take that to the bank and cash in
I'm feeling myself, f-ck if they feeling me
can't spell them without me
it's them or me
yesterday was a memory
looking in the mirror at my enemy
but today I'm...

Looking for someone to love me
I'm-Im-Im looking for someone to love me

My drama, my karma
my love my life, dear mama
the war's I've fought, scars that I've garnered
the hustle, I got that honest from my father
mix me with violence, blend me with peace
combine me with hate and I can't face defeat (nope)
I did it all in a week
still incomplete as I stand on my feet
it take a lot to still dance to the beat
skin more cold and callous than concrete
I love swimming but theres just one ski
in a rich man's cheap hotel with bed sheets
uh ah, you know what I'm looking for

Looking for someone to love me
I'm-Im-Im looking for someone to love me

My rise, my falls
enemies wanna see me crawl
my ups, my downs
ya'll know I've been around
but sometimes it bothers me
when I hear people say a non truth
am I sane, am I crazy
pick one there all the same
in this World we're living in
I'mma make mistakes, I'm only human
I was...

Looking for someone to love me
I'm-Im-Im looking for someone to love me

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Mary J. Blige Someone To Love Me (naked) lyrics

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-Men!Fast den allra mest relevanta frågan i sammanhanget måste ju &algu;nd&arinm; vara:– Du hade väl en tjock spritpenna med dig i fickan och korrade, Östen?

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