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Cafe Du Monde

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lyrics to Cafe Du Monde / Jhameel

oh we rejoice to the hatred of disciples of man
to the dangers love and to the dirt of the land
to the bitter ends of good good friendships
to the burning of our hands

for there is life after fire and there is birth after death
there is good in us all for there is evil so let us
delight in the balance let us rest
in the beauty of our being

oh when the chaos of storms break foundations of homes
there is comfort in lightning in the sting of the cold
there is hope in the sound of the thunder
in the rising of the shore

and when the clouds are defeated by the warmth of the sun
we will long for the struggles of the battles we've won
for the taste of our joy is greater
in the memories of loss

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Jhameel Cafe Du Monde lyrics

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