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Well Done

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lyrics to Well Done / Deitrick Haddon

Just wanna make it to heaven
I just wanna make it in
I just wanna cross that river
I wanna be free from sin
Oo, I just want my name written (Oh Lord)
Written in the lambs Book of Life
When this life is over
I just wanna have eternal life
O wanna hear Him say

Well done, well done, well done
You can come on in.
Anybody wanna hear Him say? Yeah [x2]
Wave your hands where I can see 'em...

Anybody wanna see your loved ones
That you've lost along the way
I just wanna walk those streets of gold, yeah
They say the half has never, never been told
I don't want my singing Lord
I don't want it, to be in vain

I just wanna cross that river of God
That's why I'm living, day to day, just to hear him say
I wanna hear 'em say, stand up on your feet, church
Anybody wanna hear Him say, anybody out there?
I wanna hear Him say
Wave your hands right there... of the Lord
I want you to close your eyes, don't loose your focus
Your purpose for living in this life is to serve Jesus Christ
And on the Day of Judgment, when it's all over
He'll say, come on in my good and faithful servant
Come on in, come on, lift your hands and worship
I feel the anointing of God right now, I feel the presence of the Lord right now
If you wanna hear the Lord say well done,
I want you to scream
Anybody wanna hear Him say? [x2]
Hear Him say, I wanna hear Him say
I wanna hear Him say
Yeah, yeah, yeah
You can come on in, my son
You can come on in, my daughter
You can come on in, you can come in

Send "Well Done" Ringtone to your Cell

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Deitrick Haddon Well Done lyrics

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