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Fire Flame

(feat. or a.k.a.) Lil' Wayne

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lyrics to Fire Flame / Birdman

(Chorus 2x)
Fire Flame, Flame, Fire Flame Spitters
Fire Flame, Flame, Fire Flame Spitters
Bitch We tha Bizness, Hundred Million Dollars
Bitch We tha Bizness, Hundred Million Dollars

(Lil Wayne)
Fresh out from my bid
bitch it's Lil Tuneche
I Lucille Ball, bitch I love Lucy
if these n-ggas dogs, I'm animal cruelty
dont f-ck with me at all, cause I'm twisted like an Rubiks cube
oh my, look how the time has flown
and they say time is of the essence
but what if there clock is wrong
but all my problems will be second
and all my worries will be gone
I'll have money back for breakfast smell like '

Send "Fire Flame" Ringtone to your Cell

186 / 1877 / short-url: / pop 42.6544 / exp 1.1
Birdman Fire Flame lyrics

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