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lyrics to Goku / Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy tell em.
Uhh, bitch I look like Goku.
Bitch I look like Vegeta, im hoppin out that oldschool.
'64 Impala, swagged up.
Bitch I'm poppin bottles. Manga.

Bitch I look like Goku, pulled up in my old school.
Fuckin' up that protoss, super saiyan swagger.
Bitches on my dick because all my albums platinum.
I don't give a fuck because I'm swagged up to the maximuuuuuuuum.

Bitch I look like GOHAN.
Smokin' up that marijuana, bitch I'm havin' so much fun.
Dre, know how the fuck I do it up.
Back up in the truck, up in the back we do it all.

Gucci pant, Louis pants, swagger.
Bentley, hit me for a pretty ass player.
Yeah, drop top swagger like yeah.
Holla out WOO, like Rick Flair,
Swag, swag! I look like Vince McMahon.
Gettin' money, I'm look like Peter Pan.

Swagswag. I got the Death Note Swag.
That anime swag put a respectable black person in beeeeenaaaiiiii!
Bitch I look like Go-ku!
Ridin' in my old school, smokin' up the protoss.
Back up on the track, DREEEEEEEEEE!!!!
I don't give a fuck because I'm breakin' up the cerebellum.
Back up on the track, I'm the twitter king.
I got shit you ain't ever seen.
Soulja hit 'em high like kong.
Soulja, soulja, soulja, soulja, when I'm broke.

[Thanks to Angie B for these lyrics]

Send "Goku" Ringtone to your Cell

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Soulja Boy Goku lyrics

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