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lyrics to Trailerhood / Toby Keith

My neighbor carl, he lives next door
Pink flamingos on his porch
At night he teaches driving school
And he sits out by his plastic pool

He takes off his shirt he opens up a cold one
Old Carls Deans a fool but it takes one to know one

Musics playin up and down the block
Mostly chirstian blues, country folk and southern rock
It's a little piece of paradise way out here in the woods
There's always something going on down in the trailerhood

Across the street there's gambling Jane who's always got the poker game
If you care to try your luck you can buy a seat for 15 bucks
You can call to raise or you can check and fold 'em
I like five card stud but it's moslty texas hold 'em


My new tattoos and farmer tans, rodeo and nascar fans
Dallas Cowboy football on TV
When the storm starts gettig bad, you hear the those sirens humming
Grab a six pack and a lawn chair there's a tornado coming

.... alright ....


I got 'er made in the shade with the moonshine lemonade
There's a party going on down in the trailerhood

Bring me another beer Momma

Send "Trailerhood" Ringtone to your Cell

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Toby Keith Trailerhood lyrics

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